We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in United States of America.

Maersk leadership teams, as well as management in all other areas where cases of COVID-19 have been identified, are closely monitoring the situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations.

Please bookmark this advisory page where you will always find the latest update for United States of America!

14 April 2020:

General Status

In this unprecedented time of need, we are doing our utmost to help customers with essential products that need to get to consumers, shops and hospitals - such as medical supplies, food, toiletries.

If you anticipate that your cargo will not materialize, we ask that you please update your booking or cancel the affected containers.

Please visit Maersk - dashboard to review your bookings and make changes.

Electronic payments – the ideal solution to COVID-19 situation and remote working

We are encouraging all our customers to proactively switch to electronic payments – in case we face any future COVID-19 disruptions to our Bank of America lock box service for check payments.

To avoid any delays in processing check payments, we are encouraging our customers to submit payments online through MyFinance, Wire or ACH.

These are the only best options to pay - to avoid any delays in receiving your payments and on CASH freight releases.

Please find below timelines in receiving the payments:

  • My Finance - Real time posting of payment and real time release of shipments
  • Wire Transfer – 6 hours posting from the time payment was initiated.
  • ACH payment – 24-48 hours posting from the time payment was initiated.

In case of any positive changes to this process, we will notify you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Finance main line: 1-800-790-5277 (option 2)

Maersk Canada – office update on documents/cheques

Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Ontario we have requested all Maersk Colleagues to work from home. As a result, our office at 5700 Explorer Drive, will no longer be staffed.

A secure drop box is located outside on Suite 101 in the building lobby.

We have instructed customers to leave Original Import Bills of Lading and any cheque payments in the drop box.

Customers who have requested Maersk to print their Export Bills of Lading will receive them by courier. No pickup will be available.

Processing times are revised as follows

  • Import Bills of Lading: up to 24 Hours (entered in Maersk system for release)
  • Cheques: up to 48 Hours (entered in Maersk system for release)
  • Export Bills of Lading: up to 48 Hours (time to courier receipt by customer)

We are encouraging our customers to take this opportunity to switch to Maersk’s digital channels for faster and more secure service.

Bills of Lading

Bills can be printed online or customers can request a telex release without a telex release fee.


Payments can be made by Credit Card/Bank on myFinance or by Electronic Funds Transfer through their bank.

As always, Customers can find Payment options on the Local Information - Canada tab of our website - under the “MORE” tab with links to further instructions.

If customers need additional help with myFinance, please contact Yonnette.Johnson-Austin@maersk.com who can assist you.

Thank you for your continued support in this situation and leveraging our digital channels for ease of use.

News Updates

  • Quebec, Canada Spring Thaw Period 2020-Revised - Read more
  • East Africa sailing adjustments - Read more
  • Ban on Used Clothing into Kenya - Read more
  • IMO and Charcoal acceptance for South Africa - Read more
  • Additional Blanking Announcement on Transpacific Services - Read more

North American Operations update

Warehousing & Distribution

Maersk North America Warehousing and Distribution – open and working.

The acquisition of Performance Team has been completed April 1 and we are excited to now offer you 46 locations with our combined network – along with premium services like omnichannel distribution.

Rail Services

Rail update

BNSF Network fluid.
Low volumes from Houston to Southern California ondock terminals is resulting in train annulments depending on sufficient volumes.

CN Network fluid.
CN Joliet ramp is congested due high export volumes. CN is bringing in extra railcars to clear the backlog.
CN will make adjustments to traffic patterns in Toronto by shifting several origin/destinations points that are currently served at Malport – over to the Toronto Brampton Ramp eff. April 13.

Lanes that will change are

Exports-CN/CSX lanes to Philadelphia and Elizabeth Marine Terminal will depart from Toronto Brampton rather than Malport.
Exports to Prince George and Prince Rupert will depart from Toronto Brampton rather than Malport.
All Reefer traffic regardless of origin/destination will be handled at Toronto/Brampton.
CP Network fluid.
CSX Network fluid.
PNCT congested due import volumes.
NS Network fluid.

North America highlights

Port update

All US and Canada terminals are open and working.

Terminal hours and gates vary on Friday, April 10th (Good Friday holiday) – please check with your terminal.

APM Terminals Elizabeth – closed Friday, April 10.
Seagirt Baltimore – closed Friday, April 10
Virginia Terminals AP & TM - closed Friday, April 10.
GPA Savannah – Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11.
APM Terminals Mobile – closed Friday, April 10.
POMTOC Miami - closed Friday, April 10.

Freeport, Bahamas: The Bahamian Government issued a stay at home order from Friday, April 3 at 2000 until Monday, April 6 0600 hrs. The port was closed, and later reopened Sunday afternoon April 5 after the government made an exemption for the port.

As a result, port operations on the TP18/RHODOS ceased at 1900hrs on April 3 and the vessel sailed. Customers with impacted cargo will be notified. TP11/CAP ANDREAS arrived April 5th afternoon 200hrs/April 5th and TP11/ SWANSEA have ETA of 1800hrs/April 6th.

Ocean Services

US East Coast

  • TA1 Weather during Atlantic crossing may affect arrivals by +24-48 hrs.
  • Maersk Iowa - one day delay.
  • Maersk Idaho - two days delay.
  • TA2 Weather during Atlantic crossing may affect arrivals by +24 hrs
  • Maersk Gairloch – one day delay.
  • Maersk Utah – one day delay.
  • TA3 Weather during Atlantic crossing may affect arrivals by 24 hrs
  • Gironde omits Mobile as part of Winter schedule contingency.
  • MSC Laura and MSC Alicante on time for now.
  • TA4 Weather during Atlantic crossing may affect arrivals by +24 hrs.
  • MSC Antonia 011 service will slide.
  • Orca I – 2.5 day delay due to flu-like symptoms of crewmember case in Liverpool - which was tested and ruled negative, enabling the ship to sail.
  • Conti Lyon 2.5 days delay due late phase-in.
  • TA5 Bad weather during Atlantic crossing affecting arrivals by +24 hrs.
  • MSC Antonella omits Baltimore. Exports will load to the Varna and transship in Freeport.
  • Maersk Kleven – 2 days delay.
  • Sealand Illinois and Maersk Kowloon one day delay.
  • TA6 Freeport congestion/Houston potential fog closures.
  • Westbound calls from voyages 010W to 014W will omit Freeport.
  • MSC Judith and MSC Lucy 1-2 days delay.
  • TA11 Synergy Express – 18 hrs delay due late phase-in.
  • TP11 Swansea – two days delay due weather during Pacific crossing.
  • TP12 Busan experiencing heavy congestion which may impact North America arrivals.
  • Gerd Maersk – delayed 1.5 days into North America.
  • TP17 Seroja Lima – one day delay.
  • TP18 Blank sailing week 7.
  • Crete I – delayed two days into North America. Omits New Orleans to recover schedule.
  • MSC Vanessa – six day delay. Contingency under review.
  • Maersk Kalamata – two day delay.
  • TP88 Busan congestion affecting arrivals into North America.
  • MSC Ans – one day delay.
  • Johannes Maersk off prof
  • AMEX Durban extended waiting time to 5-7 days which limits service recovery options.
  • Second slide of the year confirmed, starting with Maersk Valvik 011S
  • MMX Weather during crossing may impact arrivals by 24 hrs.
  • Nexoe Maersk and Maersk Norfolk delayed 1.5-2 days.

US West Coast

  • TP9 Far East Asia/Busan congestion.
  • Maersk Sarnia – two days delayed.
  • Northern Jasper – one day delay.

Vessel blanking

Vessel Omissions

  • TP18 Rhodos 013W-Omit New Orleans
  • TP88 Balthasar Schulte-Omit Panama
  • TA1 Maersk Montana 014E-Omit 1st Norfolk call
  • TA3 Maersk Gironde 011W-Omit Mobile
  • TA3 MSC Laura 009E-Omit Mobile
  • CAE Maersk Patras-Omit Halifax
  • TP6 MSC Mia - omitting YOK. Active YOK cargo will T/S through CNNPO as the vessel is phasing out.
  • TP88 Sydney Trader continues to see delays due to main engine breakdowns. She will now be replaced in the vessel rotation with the Johannes Maersk on March 25th. Cargo on terminal for the Sydney Trader has been advanced to the MSC Ans in both Houston and Mobile.


  • BNSF
    Network fluid.
  • CN
    CN had power outage on Mar 20th for five hrs at their Montreal Taschereau yard affecting gate and terminal operations. Power was restored, and gate/terminal resumed operations.
  • CP
    Network fluid.
  • NSRR
    Network fluid.
  • CSX
    Network fluid.

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your Maersk Local Representative, we will be happy to assist you.

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