COVID-19 Updates - India

27 May 2020

We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in India.

Maersk leadership teams, as well as management in all other areas where cases of COVID-19 have been identified, are closely monitoring the situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations.

Please bookmark this advisory page where you will always find the latest update for India!

27 May 2020:

General Status

Our offices throughout India remain operational with all staff working remotely from the safety of their own home with adequate IT infrastructure to avoid any disruptions.

Process updates

Government of India has further extended the lockdown with significant relaxation in many zones around the country until 31st May 2020.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has released a fresh order dated 17th May with revised guidelines to regulate different activities based on the risk profiling of the districts of the country into Containment, Buffer, Red, Green and Orange zones. These guidelines have permitted considerable relaxations in the districts falling in the Red, Green and Orange zones, and also some office relaxations. As per these guidelines, all goods/cargo movement including empty trucks is to be permitted in all zones during this time period.

Revised guidelines for Import Free period

As a special concession to our customers during these challenging times, we will not be charging container detention on all our Import shipments into India for the period from 22nd March to 21st April (both days inclusive). This will be over & above any existing free time arrangement that is currently availed and agreed as a part of any negotiated contractual terms.

Furthermore, we would like to temporarily revise the Detention slabs to provide our customers with additional benefits that go beyond the free time. Therefore, to avoid congestion at the ports and to take benefit of the revised Detention slabs- we request your support in clearance of your import cargo at the earliest .

Please find below the revised Detention charges at concessional rates equipment wise. They will be billed at a flat rate/container/week (subject to GST*)

Delivery order released and Empty container returned between Delivery order(DO) validity date and detention charges/container/week(subject to GST*)
Delivery order released and Empty container returned between
5th -11th May 2020
Delivery order(DO) validity date and detention charges/container/week(subject to GST*)
For DO validity date until 11th May 2020 the detention rate per 20’/40’ will be 8500/11000 INR flat per container
Delivery order released and Empty container returned between
12th -18th May 2020
Delivery order(DO) validity date and detention charges/container/week(subject to GST*)
For DO validity date until 18th May 2020 the detention rate per 20’/40’ will be 17000/22000 INR flat per container
Delivery order released and Empty container returned between
19th -25th May 2020
Delivery order(DO) validity date and detention charges/container/week(subject to GST*)
For DO validity date until 25th May 2020 the detention rate per 20’/40’ will be 25500/33000 INR flat per container
Delivery order released and Empty container returned between
26th May- 1st June 2020
Delivery order(DO) validity date and detention charges/container/week(subject to GST*)
For DO validity date until 1st June 2020 the detention rate per 20’/40’ will be 34000/44000 INR flat per container

Note: 20’ rates are applicable for 20’ Dry, 20’Flat rack and 20’Reef, 40’ rates are applicable for 40’Dry,40’Reef, 40’Flat rack and 45’

Basis the revised slabs you can calculate detention charges and free time for your SPOT/Non-SPOT shipments which are discharged between 1st March till 3rd May 2020 using below link

Example 1: For a single 40’ container if the Delivery order(DO) validity date is until 11th May, you will be billed flat 11000 INR instead of the usual per container per day tariff.

Example 2: For 2*20’ container with DO validity date until 25th May, you will be billed flat 2*25500=51000 INR.

Important Note: This is only applicable for containers discharged at port/gated-in at ICD between 1st March till 3rd May 2020. In case any payments that are already made by you, Refund can be applied via Maersk - Deposit slip

**Shipments cleared before 22nd March 2020 are not eligible for refund. Also, for shipments getting cleared after 26th May 2020, regular detention tariff charges are applicable.

We will also provide you the required assistance in terms of DO issuance by keeping major counters open pan India as per revised timelines from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. We have also simplified our cargo release guidelines for customers facing documentation related challenges. We encourage you to please refer  Maersk - India - Import for more details.

For imports that are on water & not yet discharged, we have solutions available for Road to Rail conversion, forward storage & in transit storage. For more details feel free to reach out to our CS teams.

Online Demurrage & Detention visibility

On our Maersk website now you can view demurrage and detention number of free days and last free date, so as to plan container pick up or return. The attached One pager has more details. Simply login to and enter your Bill of lading number>Click on Import Demurrage & Detention.

You can still continue to check your applicable Detention and Demurrage(D&D) charges via the online detention calculator.

Revised guidelines if you cannot surrender Original Bill of lading due to various reasons

These are general guidelines and we shall review them case to case basis .We understand that during these times, each situation is unique & hence we have updated our guidelines.

If you are not a Web BL customer AND In case you cannot surrender Original Bill of lading due to various reasons OR are a Web BL customer and require a telex release, the options available are outlined below. Please note that this is only applicable until contingency situation. You can view the detailed contingency plan for Export process and Import on our website as well.

Ocean updates

  • Counters and Delivery order
    • Only online payments will be accepted. We have discontinued accepting Cash/ DDs/ Cheques at the counters during this contingency period.
    • Major Counters are open pan India with revised timelines from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday and 10:00 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday
    • Additionally, we have also setup counter at our Maersk Annex(New Maersk) CFS, here you surrender your Original BLs as well as other documents.
    • For any OBL related submission (DO release for imports or telex release for exports) and Original NOC document submission, customers will need to continue visiting the counters. In case you cannot visit the counters we have provided alternatives through a separate communication
  • Bill of Lading issuance
    • BLs pending release
      • Please release waybills where possible , you can also opt for Sea way BL while filling the shipping instructions
      • You can also print the Negotiable Bill of lading on Maersk stationary via Web printing however we recommend you not to take the print in the current scenarios
      • Alternatively, we can print the Negotiable Bill of lading on a dummy printer and perform “telex release” basis your instructions at no additional cost to you
    • Negotiable BLs already printed
      • If you have an existing Web BL agreement with Maersk, then we have an option of revising it to Seaway Bill of lading or do a Telex release. Please reach out to or respective CS representative.
  • Port operations/vessel schedules
    • All Ports are operational except Hazira with certain restrictions
    • Some delays expected on vessel operations due to shortage of operators, internal transport vehicles 
    • With the slowdown in port operations the below services will be impacted/delayed
      • Maersk Columbus will do a full rotation (Jebel Ali-Port Qassim-Pipavav-NhavaSheva) and will be delayed by a week. It will sail from Salalah on 30th April instead of 23rd April
      • Vessel MAERSK BENTONVILLE/016S will omit Mundra/Nhava Sheva call and will phase out at Salalah 
      • Hansa America will be omitting Nhava Sheva call of 21st April, Maersk Brooklyn under Mawingu service too will be omitting Nhava Sheva call. The coverage will be on next ME1,  Maersk Guatemala for Salalah and via Salalah cargo.
      • Week 23 and Week 27- blanking of Mawingu services at Salalah (26th May & 23rd June), Pipavav(31st May & 28th June),  Nhava Sheva(1st June & 29th June),  Mundra(3rd June & 1st July) , Pakistan (6th June & 3rd July) and Salalah West Bound(8th June & 6th July)
      • Vessel Brighton/015W will be blanked and Colombo- NAM to be loaded on Shuttle via Salalah to connect MECL service
      • Vessel Santacruz 015W will phase out at Jebel Ali and Ocean cargo to be loaded on ME2/or next ME3
      • Maersk Klaipeda /019W will phase out at Jebel Ali and Ocean cargo to be loaded on ME2/or next ME3
      • Week 23 - Santacruz /023W : Complete Blanking at Pipavav 31st May, Hazira 1st June, Nhava Sheva 3rd June , Jebel Ali 7th June and Salalah 11th June
      • 8NO Cape Nemo (V48 Service CMB - MAA)Colombo- Chennai feeder will be blanking for 2 weeks from 5th April to 17th April.
      • 304 service : Week 17 and Week 18 blank sailing Ex Colombo on 23rd April and 30th April. Our cargo coverage will be on Shuttle ex Colombo-Salalah
      • Vessel D6V KMARIN AQUA /015W  will be blanking. All imports and exports to be loaded on Next MW1.
      • Feeder P1S GH Zephyr(Colombo- Goa) is running 3 days delayed
      • Cyclone Amphan is formed in Bay of Bengal- Kolkata and Chittagong feeders will be experiencing increased transit time. Impacted vessels as below
        Xpress Ganges, ETA Colombo on 19th May /0700, berthing at JCT on arrival.
        Xpress Mahananda ETA Colombo on 20th May/0700 hrs, berthing at JCT on arrival.
        Xpress Lhotse ETA Colombo on 21st May/2200, berthing at SAGT on arrival.
        OEL Bangladesh ETA Colombo on 22nd  May/1200, berthing at SAGT after Xpress Nuptse on 23rd May/0400
      • V07 Messini -Y12 Service ( Jebel Ali – Colombo – Chennai– Vizag - Cochin) 
      Vessel will be blanking after discharge at Jebel Ali on 19th April. There are two vessels currently under Y12 service – Varada and Neyyar
    • Update on Cobra service and Chennai Express service-
      Cobra service will drop Laem Chabang direct call from the rotation. The new rotation will be: Tanjung Pelepas-Port Klang-Singapore-Fremantle-Adelaide-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane-Torres Strait-Tanjung Pelepas. This change is effective from vessel CSAV TOCONAO, ETD Tanjung Pelepas 3rd May 2020.
      Chennai Express service will add Laem Chabang direct call in westbound to enhance the network. The new rotation will be: Singapore-Tanjung Pelepas-Laem Chabang-Tanjung Pelepas-Ennore-Krishnapatnam-Visakhapatnam-Singapore. This change is effective from vessel NORTHERN PROMOTION 018W ETD Singapore 2nd May 2020.
    • We are adjusting the sailing frequency on the Masiika and Mawingu services and will attempt to minimize delays be moving your cargo to the fastest available alternative vessel into Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam.. The Quarter 2 sailings to be blanked on the Masiika and Mawingu services are already sent out via separate customer communication. Impacted Trade : EUR/MEA to Kenya and Tanzania
    • Impacted Trade: Middle East–India Subcontinent to North America , Far East Asia to/from Indian Subcontinent/Pakistan - separate communications are already sent out
    • We have blank sailings which have impacted trade between Indian Subcontinent to/from Middle East - separate communications are already sent out
    • Due to significant reduction in demand we will be having blank sailings from Middle east/Indian subcontinent to Europe and Mediterranean and vice versa( refer customer communications that’s already sent out)
    • We are abiding by all local regulations keeping in mind safety of our crew/ partners and cargo
  • Rail movement
    • Rail movement is not an issue so far as we see there are no restrictions on freight trains
    • We will continue to accept Import Store Door bookings
    • Our Store door operations are getting hit due to issues with non-availability of truck drivers and local restrictions on movement
    • CHB- For customers who can clear without physical examination of cargo we have 100% online solutions available
    • For ICD ‘s once box is at Container yard we are confident of moving it as trains are working fine.
    • No long haul on trucks and avoid inter- state movements
    • We have Confirmation from following vendors that there are no impact / changes on daily operations, and it is business as usual, as no notice or communication has been received from Customs, Ports or Railway authorities so far
      • CONCOR
      • DP World – CRRS
      • Adani Logistics
      • Gateway Rail Freight Limited – Minimum staff at ICDs (on Roster)
      • International Cargo Terminal
      • Distribution Logistics Infrastructure (DLI)
      • Arshiya Logistics
      • Joshi Konoike Transport & Company
      • Hasti Petro Chemical
  • CFS/ICD/Empty yard operations
    • With public transportation being shut in cities, surveyors & labourers are facing difficulty in reaching site locations
    • CFS’s will operational with skeletal staff
    • Port evacuation: With shortage of drivers and lock down of public transport, expect delay in port evacuation at Nhava Sheva and Chennai.
    • No impact in Gujarat / Krishnapatnam / Tuticorin / Vishakhapatnam
    • Expect shortage of labour for export stuffing/carting, working with labour contractors/depots to ensure we have adequate supply where required
    • Extending shifts to spread working hours to avoid any impact to customers with limited workforce
    • Engaging with local authorities to issue passes for private vehicles / taxies in cities with restrictions

We are in constant communication with our customers to optimize the deployment of available resources. Rest assured that we are making every effort to maximize our capacity to support your needs.

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your Maersk Local Representative, we will be happy to assist you.

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