COVID-19 Updates - Oman

18 March 2020

We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in Oman.

Maersk leadership teams, as well as management in all other areas where cases of COVID-19 have been identified, are closely monitoring the situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations.

Please bookmark this advisory page where you will always find the latest update for Oman!

2 April 2020:

General Status

Following the latest directives issued by the Ministry of Transports for Paperless Transactions via circular No. 3/2020 dated 29th Mar 2020 and following the closure of Muttrah, Ruwi, Wadi Kabir and part of Darsait areas, we have taken some necessary steps to ensure that we remain compliant while continuing with our business processes. We have placed a drop box in Asyad office (address given below) where you can drop your Bills of Lading for Delivery Order release and Telex releases. The process for Salalah remains AS IS until further notice.

P.O.Box : 470
Postal: 115 - Madinat Sultan Qaboos, Sultanate of Oman
Location: Al qurum - Beach one - 3rd floor

Export Bills of Lading

We urge you to confirm your Export Bill of Ladings, as Waybills which are available for print from Maersk website instead of original bill of ladings. If you require original bills of lading, we will be happy to assist with the below options

  • Subscribe to Maersk Web Bill of Lading facility wherein bill of lading can be printed in your own premises. If you want to sign up for an Electronic Bill of Lading with us, kindly send an email to enabling us to forward you the electronic bill of lading agreement.
  • Perform an “electronic release” / “Telex release” of bills of lading – where we will keep the original bills of lading with us and allow release of cargo to the consignee / nominated party on your request alone. The telex fee is waived until further notice

Collection of Delivery order

  • For ease of operations during these times, kindly request your origin parties to move on Sea waybills or telex release
  • For waybills the process remain AS-IS where it is issued through
  • For shipments with original bill of lading already issued then
    • Please try to have them converted to seaway bill of lading or express release
    • If above cannot be accomplished then kindly drop off the Original Bill of Lading along with request letters and your email-id, contact details in drop-off box located in Asyad office (address as advised above).
      Kindly ensure, your document set is complete with all required stamp endorsement. This is to ensure you do not face any delay in Delivery Order processing. After dropping your documents, kindly send an email to for your DO request.
    • If original bill of lading cannot be submitted, then cargo can only be released via bank guarantee which should be of 1 times commercial invoice value and with a 3-year validity supplemented with commercial invoice value, bill of lading copy and NOC from shipper. These documents need to be forwarded to


  • The payment process remain AS-IS
  • Please share details of any payments made with us– that is, any proof of payment such as a scanned copy of cheques deposited, electronic funds transfer receipts, ATM receipts etc. through our online receipting channel on Maersk Website or

Kindly plan your request for Delivery Order in a timely way, which can accommodate our processing time and benefit you to avail the standard / contracted Detention Free time of your shipment.

Further Queries

Our teams are doing their best to support you during this tough situation, and we appreciate your patience.
Boardline: +968 24861600 Business address : ,

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your Maersk Local Representative, we will be happy to assist you.

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