Discover how a tailormade export distribution centre helped optimise logistics.

The Background

The Background

An FMCG brand was expanding their business from Europe & Asia into America. However, this came with major challenges of long supply chain lead times and inefficiencies in re-export shipment routing.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Because the transportation was far from optimised, the customer had trouble importing and storing shipment for pick and pack process, which was required by the outbound order.

The Solution

The Solution

Our team of experts with years of transport optimisation experience quickly identified the problem and devised a solution.

We recommend an export distribution centre in Thailand. Where our customer could rack storage, sort cargo, scan, handle inbound and outbound logistics, along with other capabilities. All within the bounds of a Free Trade Zone.

The Result

The Result

The first savings were realised soon after the first containers were shipped from the newly export distribution centre to the US. This amounted to USD 120 million per year in cost and roughly 25 days in lead-time.

Additionally, our dedicated support went a long way, by instantly putting our customer at ease. In their own words:

“During the years I have worked in the manufacturing industry, my colleagues have often said that a key difference between an ordinary organisation and an excellent organisation is the ability for its people to excite and delight their customers. It is a privilege to work with Maersk who, without any doubt, achieve Excellent Organisation’ status.” Client Operation Manager.

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