Shipping to New Zealand

Payment Options

Guidelines for Freight Payments and Import Cargo/Export Documentation Release.
By following the simple steps outlined here your containers/documents will be released in a timely manner. To avoid unnecessary delays and costs it is essential that you have paid your invoice in full, by the due date. Payment 2 days prior to ETA is recommended in order to avoid delays.
Your containers/documentation will be released within 24 hrs of payment being received.

Original Bill of Lading
If an original Bill of Lading is required for the release of your shipment, please ensure the OBL is delivered to our reception by 4pm, duly endorsed, to ensure a same-day release.

Direct Credit (Preferred) or TT  - Bank: Citibank N.A Auckland 

  • Account Name: Maersk A/S
  • NZD  Account Number 31-2840-0036734-00 Swiftcode: CITINZ2X
  • USD  Account Number 3673049 Swiftcode: CITINZ2X
  • EUR   Account: 0012307529 Swiftcode: CITIGB2L   IBAN:GB51CITI18500812307529
  • Bank: Citibank N.A     Address: Citigroup centre 33 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London

Charges incurred or deducted for bank fees are the liability of the payer. 
If making payment by TT or Direct Credit please send a copy of the bank remittance advice to ( /  
The following information is essential to ensure a timely release:
Maersk bank account number must be visible, complete and correct 
Record Seaway bill/Bill of Lading number and/or Invoice number as reference  
Payment must cover the total  amount on the invoice 
Payment must be made in the currency specified in the total column of the invoice    
For USD payments it is important to instruct your bank to use the swift code of “CITINZ2X”.
Bank fee is customers responsibility

Maersk will release against our daily bank records confirming TT payments. 
Please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for bank processing. The standard bank timeframes for TT clearance are 24 hours (1 working day) for NZD and 48 hours (2 working days) for USD

4. OFAC embargoed shipments  

Shipments from/to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan or Syria are under United States of America (U.S.) trade sanctions (OFAC embargoed shipments), payment for the related invoice(s) must be made to Handelsbanken in the currency of the invoice. Maersk will manage any rate of exchange differences: 

Bank name:   Handelsbanken 
Bank address:  Havneholmen 29 Copenhagen 1561 V Denmark
Account owner: A.P. Moller Maersk A/S 
Currency:  EUR Registration number: 6499 
Account number: 3000013
IBAN:  DK0264990003000013

Documents cannot be released for payments made to the incorrect account, and Maersk will not be held responsible for incorrect payments.

No Invoice?
Register on the website and retrieve all your missing invoices.
Incorrect Invoice?
Please contact directly to log a dispute.  When raising a dispute please include the invoice number, a clear explanation of what the issue is and any supporting evidence (if applicable).  Disputes raised immediately are resolved faster than leaving the incorrect invoice for a week or more! Once the email is received by the Disputes team, an email acknowledging the dispute will be sent to you. If you are registered on, disputes can be logged directly via MyFinance.
Import Detention queries?
Please contact with either the booking number, container number or detention invoice number and a description of the issue. Maersk standard detention freetime and rates are available here » Import detention.  

Rate Of Exchange

Remittance Currency
It’s mandatory that all Payments are settled in the invoice currency which is shown in the “Total" column of the invoice. Any discrepancy in currency could result in delays in release of delivery orders and/ or bill of ladings. 

Please find below exchange for the specific ETA/ETD on your invoices.

Import Arrival / Export Departure Date USD to NZD NZD to USD
13-04-2020 1.72918 0.60702
12-04-2020 1.72237 0.60943
11-04-2020 1.70252 0.61667
10-04-2020 1.70108 0.61717
09-04-2020 1.70744 0.61476
08-04-2020 1.70744 0.61476
07-04-2020 1.70744 0.61476
06-04-2020 1.75730 0.59747
05-04-2020 1.75485 0.59818
04-04-2020 1.77217 0.59235
03-04-2020 1.81933 0.57717
02-04-2020 1.78857 0.58702

For historical record daily exchange rate click here

Contact us

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or if you have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us and we will respond within the next two days. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online.