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Demurrage and Detention

Maersk will be introducing the following changes to our New Caledonian surcharge structure starting from 1 January 2017.

Going forward, customers in New Caledonia will be offered Combined Demurrage & Detention for import shipments. This means you will have one combined free time period and compensation for utilisation of equipment inside and outside of terminals or depots, referred to as Combined Demurrage & Detention Import.

Demurrage means compensation incurred by customer for utilising equipment beyond the given free time inside the terminal.

Detention means compensation incurred by customer for utilising equipment beyond the given free time outside the terminal.

Import tariff charges effective 1 January 2017 

Import Tariff
Combined Demurrage & Detention
Container Type Day 1-14 Day 15 +
20' Dry Free XPF 700 per day
40' Dry Free XPF 1400 per day
20' Reef Free XPF 3000 per day
40' Reef Free XPF 6000 per day

Separation of Storage

We will separate Storage from Demurrage. This allows a clear distinction of the compensation applied for utilising the port, terminal or depot facilities (Storage), and the compensation incurred for utilisation of equipment beyond the agreed free time days inside terminals or depots (Demurrage).

Storage means compensation for utilising the port, terminal or depot or inland container yard facilities. Compensation for Storage related to use of Terminal or Depot facilities will be charged separately by New Caledonian ports directly to customers.

2016 Demurrage & Detention

Import container detention:

In an attempt to improve the turn around time of containers Maersk will apply the following detention charges for import containers returned after the expiry of the free time.
Freetime  allowed - 14 calendar days, freetime period  will commence on the day after the container discharge date

Import container detention tariff
Container Type Day 1-14** Day 15 - 28** Day 29+ **
20' dry Free XPF 700 per day XPF 1,400 per day
40' dry Free XPF 1,400 per day XPF 2,800 per day
20' reefer Free XPF 3,000 per day XPF 6,000 per day
40' reefer Free XPF 6,000 per day XPF 12,000 per day
20' specialised * Free XPF 3,000 per day XPF 6,000 per day
40' specialised * Free XPF 6,000 per day XPF 12,000 per day

*Other than the usual types of Dry and Reefer containers (eg Open top/flat rack)

 **Weekend and Public holidays are included.



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Container detention: 

The freetime for container detention is 14 calendar days from the date after the discharge of the vessel.


Special and hazardous cargoes: 

Transportation of special (45’containers, out-of-gauge, breakbulk, tanks or flat-racks containers) and hazardous cargo to New Caledonia is not accepted by Maersk. Transportation of cargo in in-gauge open-top containers is subject to approval by Maersk.

Weight limits: 

The gross weight (cargo + tare) in New Caledonia is limited to 27 metric tons per container due to the road restrictions.

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