Maersk Lead Logistics solutions in Latin America

Eliminate complexity from your supply chain.

Our Lead Logistics services

Our suite of integrated services helps you remove complexity from your supply chain and simplify your logistics operations.

Management services

We have services that are designed to help you manage your bookings with ease by giving you enhanced end-to-end visibility.

Maersk Booking Service: Simplify your bookings

Maersk Booking Service is a one-stop solution that removes complexity from your shipment processes, letting you focus on what matters the most to your business. Our expert team in Latin America will take over your day-to-day booking executions, manage your documentation, and resolve exceptions effectively. You also get end-to-end visibility and a single point of contact from origin to destination.

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Maersk Emissions Dashboard: Analyse your environmental impact

Whether you’re looking for improved visibility over ocean freight emissions data, or enhanced emissions reporting and optimisation across your logistics set-up in Latin America, the Maersk Emissions Dashboard is for you. This is a one-stop shop to consolidate your emissions data across all carriers and transport modes.

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Planning and execution solutions

Your logistics operations are simpler with our solutions that aim to help you plan and execute supply chain processes without hassle.

Supply Chain Management: Simplify your supply chain operations

Maersk Supply Chain Management (SCM) services in Latin America are customised to manage your POs and vendors, plan your shipments and support cargo loading at origin. You can also include services like consolidation centres, in-transit hubs and LCL services. Leverage our latest technology to gain end-to-end visibility and enjoy the ease of having a single point of contact throughout your cargo journey.

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Maersk 4PL Logistics: Optimise your supply chain

Maersk’s 4PL Logistics services integrate the entire network of supply chain actors into a single innovative ecosystem where you can detect changes in the environment and respond proactively to disruptions.

What's more, you can leverage critical insights to help you manage your supply chain in Latin America with better agility and control. You can also make strategic and fact-based decisions by composing processes, following up on exceptions, and monitoring performance to create new business opportunities and growth.

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Self-service solutions

Our solutions empower you to take control of your supply chain operations with digital solutions that help you manage all your bookings.

Maersk Flow: Take control of your supply chain

Maersk Flow is a digital solution designed to bring you visibility and control to help you manage the flow of goods and documents in Latin America, from factory to market. It empowers you to manage all ocean, air and rail shipments from any carrier or freight forwarder.

This easy-to-implement web-based solution gives you greater visibility across your supply chain. It also allows you to control and execute your supply chain as planned, while reducing manual work and monitoring, and improving performance.

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