Cold Chain Logistics services in India

Maersk’s Cold Chain Solutions are a one-stop logistics shop of integrated solutions for your reefer cargo. From farm to supermarket, we take care of all your cold chain needs, whether it is simply export/import oriented or a comprehensive end-to-end setup. We’ll provide you with a single point of contact for the entire journey and the peace of mind that your cargo is safe and secure.

We know that dealing with multiple third-party providers for each leg of your cargo’s journey can be cumbersome. And when complexity increases, time, costs, and man-hours rise along with it. That’s why at Maersk, we aim to create world-class cold chain solutions to help simplify your global supply chain. Make real-time decisions, connect people, processes and data, and get visibility into your supply chain like never before.

Cold Chain logistics services

Exporting a promise of freshness

Indian grapes producer and exporter, Euro Fruits, transports hundreds of containers of fresh grapes to locations all over the world, including Europe, North America and the Far East, every year. As Managing Director of Euro Fruits Nitin Agarwal says, the key to ensuring the ripe berries stay fresh through their long journey is "temperature, temperature, temperature." Maersk's refrigerated containers and technology solutions are specifically designed with this vital requirement in mind. 

Hear more from Mr. Agarwal on how Maersk's end to end cold chain solutions have helped his company deliver on their promise to their consumers.

How SK Potatoes scaled up operations with end-to-end integrated solutions

This exporter of variety potatoes grew its business from 100 containers in 2006, to over 1,500 containers today. How did Maersk, as a strategic, end-to-end cold chain logistics partner, help SK Cold Storage leave its supply chain worries behind and let the company focus on its core business? Watch the video

We can help you export your banana, fresh and safe


Fruit and Vegetables

As one of the world’s leading carriers of fruit and vegetables, we assure you that the joy of a good harvest need not be watered down by the worry of transport. Our Reefer team works as an extension of yours by proactively solving issues before they become problems.

Fish and Seafood

As end consumers are increasingly choosing to eat healthy, prospects for growth in the fish and seafood industry are immense. We’ll help you maintain a constant flow of goods that move quickly and efficiently to any part of the world at the lowest possible cost.

Protein and Dairy

Demand for protein and dairy is constantly changing, with delivery times and destinations needing to be altered daily. To help you keep up, we make equipment available closer to your production points, manage peak volumes, offer multiple transit times to the same destination, and much more. We do this all year round so you can focus on production.
Pharma Pictogram


There is zero room for error when transporting your pharmaceuticals. Our Pharmaceuticals team is well-versed with the stringent requirements imposed by various countries and takes special measures to safeguard your products. This covers everything from training and self-inspection to operational procedures and risk management.

Our reefer specialists are on your cold cases all the way

We constantly monitor your cold cargo for optimum conditions. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Constant Cold Care in Chennai

Our state-of-the-art cold storage facility in Chennai enables us to keep your cargo at the temperatures you specify, whether it is chocolates and flowers or fresh produce and dairy. We are ready to store pharmaceuticals, adhering to global standards and specifications. The entire 10,000-sqft facility is designed to operate on backup power if necessary and battery-operated equipment to ensure the quality of your cargo is maintained at all times. With Maersk’s integrated solutions, you can track your cargo’s conditions in real-time and get live temperature reports 24/7.
Constant Cold care in Chennai

Faster clearance

Allows for faster customs clearance due to the presence of CFS within the facility.
Reefer cargo connectivity

Ease of business

Proximity to the port/empty yard and connectivity via Chennai outer ring road makes import and export of your reefer cargo convenient.
Power backup cargo

Controlled environment

Advanced infrastructural design with power back up, CCTV coverage, racking, and battery-operated equipment ensure optimal temperature for your cargo.
One stop storage

One-stop storage solution

Enjoy value-added services like labelling, sorting, packing, palletisation, seasonal warehousing and cross-docking along with end-to-end cold chain solutions to deliver your cargo fresh to its destination.

Standardised storage quality

Meet the highest quality storage standards in our ISO, GDP, FSSAI, AEO, EIA and MPEDA certified facility.
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Value added services

We can take care of your booking, documentations, customs clearance and inland transportation.
Reefer 20

Controlling variable temperature range

With our multiple chambers  and ambient temperature controlled facility, we can set the temperature as required for your cargo. For Pharmaceutical, we can handle multiple ranges from 2-25 Degree Celsius range or for your fresh produce we can handle 2-8 Degree Celsius as well.
Bonded space

EXIM bonded Space

You can store your EXIM cargo with our bonded storage space and have the choice to defer the customs duty payment until the goods leave the warehouse.

Our global coverage from India

Country USA Europe Mediterranean Africa China
Service routes
ME1 and AE1
FI2 and FI3

Your key benefits

End to end
End-to-end integrated solutions
Coordination with a single party – we coordinate across the chain for you.
Global cold store network
Temperature-controlled warehouses offering the value-added services you need.
Reefer expertise
A global fleet of world-class reefers and deep commodity expertise
Handshake pictogram
A trusted partner all the way
Your cargo is our number one priority and is given the utmost care from storage to transport.
Remote Container Management
End-to-end visibility through our real-time reefer monitoring platform, Captain Peter.
Global network
Reach locations across the globe using our extensive ocean network and presence in 120+ countries across the globe.
Local Information
Local market knowledge
Teams of local reefer experts support faster market access and discover more optimisation opportunities.

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