Maersk offers single window cold chain solutions to keep your cargo fresh

Transporting temperature-sensitive goods is usually more complex than moving regular dry cargo. Not only do you have to think about reaching your destinations on time, but you also need to make sure that your products remain fresh throughout. Every year, a huge quantity of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, and medical drugs or vaccines gets wasted because of the unavailability of on-time storage and sufficient distribution capabilities.

It’s no wonder, then, that cold chain logistics is a growing industry that requires special attention.

In fact, the global cold chain logistics market was estimated to be worth almost USD 160 billion in 2018. Analysts expect this figure to rise to USD 585 billion by 2026. Despite COVID-19’s effects on economies worldwide, the demand for cold chain solutions has increased during the past year. The jump is a result of consumers’ growing demand on refrigerated and packaged foods, fruits and vegetables, and medicines.

Open doors to a world full of freshness

To keep up with market needs, your business requires an unbroken cold chain that takes your cargo from its origin to destination, and handles all the transport, storage, and distribution processes for you.

That’s what we do. As an integrated logistics partner, we give an end-to-end cold chain logistics solution with a single point of contact. We can take care of your cargo right from your warehouse until it reaches your partners across the world in perfect condition. Whether you are entering a new market, need a leaner supply chain, predictable costs, operational transparency, or a storage solution -we have got you covered.

Your benefits with Maersk’s cold chain logistics

You can customise our single-window solution to meet your business’s unique requirements. Our aim is to deliver efficiency gains through solutions that reduce complexity, handovers, and waste by maintaining an unbroken cold chain with certain benefits.

Cold Storage

Maintaining the temperature of your cargo throughout its journey is the most important aspect of cold chain logistics. Our global Cold Storage facilities ensure optimal product temperature and atmosphere-controlled conditions to maximise perishable products' shelf life.

Open doors to a world full of freshness

Value-Added Services

CHB: Part of the process of achieving an unbroken cold chain is moving cargo seamlessly across borders without customs requirements causing delays. Our Customs House Brokerage is equipped with global presence and local expertise to mitigate all kinds of customs challenges.

Value-protect: A small accident can damage the quality of your temperature-sensitive cargo resulting in loss of money. That is why Maersk offers Value Protect, giving you peace of mind throughout your cold chain journey.

Captain Peter

Moving your perishable cargo from one end of the world to another is a challenging task, especially when it comes to temperature-sensitive cargo. Captain Peter, your reefer visibility tool, lets you keep track of your shipment and enables you to make the right decisions during its journey.

Wide Ocean Coverage

With over 300 ports worldwide, Maersk has an extensive ocean network to keep your cold chain connected globally. What’s more, with services like Maersk Spot, Flex Hub, and Contract, it’s easy to take your temperature-sensitive cargo from the warehouse to your customers around the world.

Reefer Expertise

Our specialists combine a deep understanding of the commodity, technical Reefer knowledge, and extensive expertise regarding local regulations to provide an unparalleled end-to-end cold chain solution. With expert handlers that protect your cargo from exposure to fluctuating temperatures, dust, rain, and snow, your Reefer cargo is always in safe hands.

The most important aspect of a successful cold chain business is its ability to mitigate the various circumstances that may compromise the condition of their products. When you have a reliable supply chain partner and an unbroken cold chain, you can be prepared for any contingencies. That way, you deliver products to end-users without compromise and in its freshest condition.

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