Captain Peter™

Get relevant notifications about the condition of your reefer goods.

See inside the box

Remote Container Management is the infrastructure enabling Captain Peter, which brings unrivalled transparency to the shipping of your perishable cargo. You can see exactly what is happening inside the box through near real-time data – even when your container is at sea – covering everything from temperature and humidity to O2/CO2 levels.

If issues arise at any time during transit, Captain Peter will let you know and support you in making the best decision for your business.

If in doubt, all you need to do is ask Captain Peter.

Captain Peter will guide you through

  • Monitor your reefer cargo in transit and get guidance from Captain Peter about the Remote Container Management data.
  • Get end-to-end transparency of your cargo‘s journey and avoid unexpected surprises in customs or upon arrival.
  • Stay informed for optimal logistics management.
  • Build trust between shipment parties with consistent data reliability.
Captain Peter transit list


  • View graphs and journey logs with up-to-date information from your in-transit reefer shipment.
  • Easily share container details with your stakeholders.
  • Provide your feedback and let Captain Peter listen to your needs.
  • Download the raw reefer data in Excel or PDF format (Premium).
  • View the latest known GPS location of your reefer container (Premium).
  • Set up personalized thresholds to get notified when parameters are deviating from YOUR plan (Premium).
  • Get immediate answers to your questions from our Captain Peter support team via the 24/7 chat (Premium).
Captain Peter container stats

Captain Peter

The new virtual assistant for reefer customers based on data from our Remote Container Management System.

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Dedicated Remote Container Management operations team

Our Remote Container Management operations team monitors your cargo container from pickup through to delivery using a state‑of‑the-art Remote Container Management alarm system. If problems do arise they are quickly identified and rectified.

We also identify reoccurring errors or faulty components and carry out preventive maintenance to minimise the risk of unscheduled repairs.

  • Increased cargo quality
  • Immediate issue resolution
  • Preventive maintenance
  • In-transit adjustments, if required, to maintain the perfect environment for your cargo
Management team overlooking supply chains

Complete transparency during the entire journey

With GPS tracking, we know exactly where your cargo is during the entire journey, how long it has been in transit and exactly when it will arrive. 

  • Improved security for your cargo
  • Vastly reduced risk of lost cargo
  • Keep your customers informed of arrival times
  • Precise GPS time-in-transit data
Inland services of refrigerated cargo

Frequently asked questions

Browse through some of our most raised questions on Captain Peter. We hope this gives you some initial clarity - but please feel free to simply log in and get acquainted with your reefer visibility assistant.

How to get access

If you are not already a Maersk customer, you can start by registering with our digital platform, which is our online hub for all things shipping. You will use your login from to login to Captain Peter™.

Request a demo

Customers who are keen to know more about the product can request a demo.

Our local Reefer Specialists will reach out to them personally to take them through the tool, explain how their business can benefit and explain options they have.