How can I receive refund via MyFinance platform?

Stop chasing on emails to get a Refund, review your documents via MyFinance platform as one source of truth and be in control of your requests in few steps.

  1. Log In to
  2. Choose to Manage & click MyFinance.
  3. Go to tab See more, click Refunds. It will redirect you to old MyFinance.
  4. Click Refunds, select Container Deposit or Over Payment.
  5. Select the cases to request refund and click “Create Refund
  6. Select relevant Payment method.
  7. If Bank selected, the dropdown will list down the bank’s mapped in Maersk Master data.
  8. To include an New Bank Account, select this and provide the details required.
  9. Update Refund Party,
    • If refund to be sent to Different customer code use Refund party Search button.
    • Once selected the bank account of the other customer code will be listed in Step 5.
    • NOC (in letterhead signed by proper authorised signatory) to send the fund to the other customer code to be attached.
  10. Update Customer Email (mandatory) and Alternate Email.
  11. Update Instruction to Approver comments to Maersk Processer/Approver.
  12. Attach Documents, to support the Request (Note: Each document should not exceed 4MB).
  13. If different customer Id updated in Refund Party, NOC is Mandatory to be uploaded, If valid document not uploaded, request would be rejected.
  14. Select “Send” request will be submitted, will display the request ID in a few minutes.

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