How to use the party step in shipping instructions (new experience)?

There are 7 shipment party roles for which a party could be assigned.

Mandatory parties
  • Transport Document Receiver
  • Shipper
  • Consignee
Optional parties
  • First Notify Party
  • Additional Notify Party
  • Outward Forwarder
  • Inward Forwarder

Party card:

  1. For each party role
    • A party can be assigned
    • Address can be edited and
    • Party references can be added
  2. The logged in party will be assigned as the transport document receiver by default if it was previously not assigned.
  3. A party can be searched by name & location or customer code by clicking the Change link.
  4. The address displayed will be the registered address of the party. However, there is option to edit it. Address can be edited only for the following parties:
    • Shipper
    • Consignee
    • First Notify Party
    • Additional Notify Party
  5. First notify party
    • When the Consignee is Set as To Order then it is mandatory for a First Notify Party to be assigned.
    • The Same as Consignee option for First Notify Party only appears if a Consignee has been assigned.
  6. Shipment references (party): This section only appears based on the transport plan for party roles.

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