How to use the document step in shipping instructions (new experience)?

Identify the document type required – Waybill or Bill of lading.

  1. Selection of Transport Document Receiver - change option available
    • The logged in party will be assigned as the transport document receiver by default if it was previously not assigned.
  2. Identify the document type required – Waybill, Bill of lading or E-Bill
  3. Shipment references:
    • The list of shipment references will appear based on the transport plan. This section sometimes might not appear if there are no references required as per the country regulations.
    • These references come in 2 types – mandatory & optional. The mandatory references are required for successful submission of a shipping instruction. The optional references are up to you to provide if desired or if available with you at the time of Shipping instruction submission
  4. Vessel & port alias (optional):
    • The vessel section will show the first 2 ports of the transport plan i.e. the port of loading and the 1st transshipment port.
    • You will have the option to select the 1st transshipment port / transhipment vessel to be displayed on the bill of lading
    • The alias section allows you to select an alternative name for a port that will be printed in the lading document.
  5. Certificates:
    • Sample certificates are available for you to download and view. You can request any number of certificates and provide the details required. There is option to provide the Letter of Credit Number in this section.
    • Certificates are grouped in 3 sections:
      • Vessel, Schedule & Miscellaneous

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