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Industry overview

We live in a time where the pace of change is accelerating, and Retail has never been so competitive. Consumers now hold ever-increasing power with expectations of “having it all”. The industry continues to undergo constant disruption with consumers more price-conscious and value-driven than ever before.

To stay ahead of their competitors and remain relevant, retailers have had to reinvent themselves. They need to launch new sales models, find ways of leveraging next-generation technology, and contribute to the safeguarding of our climate.

Based on this, we have identified the following as the demands of your industry:



  • Offer personalisation at scale - consumer experience per square foot is more important than ever.
  • From ‘we’ to ‘me’ – hyper personalisation is the next step.


  • Building partnerships beyond individual value chains in order to create sustainable ecosystems.
  • Cooperating with external partners to create a sustainable ecosystem and tackle problems of mammoth scale, like minimising plastic waste, ocean pollution and more.
  • With a greener generation making sustainable shopping a priority, a third of consumers now choose to buy brands based on their social and environmental values.
Digital Solutions


  • A digital supply chain to improve accessibly and overall value.
  • A faster, more predictable and cost-effective supply chain.
  • Leveraging data and technologies to transform operations and adapt to the future way of working.
  • Using eCommerce as a growth engine.

Extend your shelf life

Retail is at a stage where it needs to constantly evolve and innovate to achieve the end goal of having a happy consumer-base – and this involves acting as a partner who caters to all demands.

Here’s how Maersk Supply Chain solutions can ensure your consumers keep coming back to you year-round.

Retail expertise through Digital Solutions at Maersk

Retail is no longer just about accessibility, but about frictionless shopping experience, both online and offline.

Perspectives on Retail and Consumer Goods
No7, Winter 2018-2019

Automation in Retail - Preparing for the future of work: The winners in the sector will be those who understand the implications and act quickly to respond to them.

Steven Begley
McKinsey & Company, Retail Practice

The changing shape of E-commerce Logistics

With millions of consumers switching online amidst stay-at-home measures and the forced closure of non-essential stores, retailers have had to pivot their logistics to meet the extraordinary rise in e-commerce demand. However, the impact of COVID-19 has made e-commerce logistics more complex than ever before with even the most established online retailers being pushed to the limit.

In this report that you can get access to below, we examine COVID-19’s impact on e-commerce logistics and interview Martin Holme, Maersk Global Head of Supply Chain Management and E-commerce Logistics and Christoph Stork, Maersk Global Managing Director of E-commerce Logistics to explore what it means for supply chains now, and in the future.

Streamlining supply chains through innovation

Businesses today are consistently looking to reduce touchpoints in the cargo’s journey through supply chain management. A leading US furniture brands retailer was facing difficulties due to sub-optimal consolidation. This is where we stepped in. Our experts worked with the customer to design a solution using logistics tools and determine the right cargo ratio for all inbound logistics. As a direct result, the customer was able to save more than US$2.5 million in operation costs.

Find out how Maersk implemented the solution here.

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