A glimpse into the whitepaper ‘Building the supply chain forward’ developed jointly by Automotive Logistics and Maersk.

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The automotive landscape is changing. Bottlenecks in supply chains, shortages of material and manpower, and inflation are putting stress on an industry that is already facing an evolution in demand and preference. The past year has been a bumpy ride, driving the rules of the automotive industry to be rewritten.

10 million
potential units lost due to the chip crisis
400% rise
in container shipping price index, year on year
18.7 million
EV units expected to be lost due to battery shortage between 2022-29

To help navigate the route ahead, Automotive Logistics and Maersk have released an insightful whitepaper, ‘Building the supply chain forward’. The report offers an in-depth review of the problems the industry faces and how four main trends have emerged to help automotive players accept and thrive in the new ‘never normal’.

Automotive supply chain

Supplier and freight real-time visibility

OEMs today need visibility into every aspect of their business. This requires consolidated data across departments and partners to prioritise supply and production, as well as an integrated, near real-time view of freight and logistics networks. Only then can decisions be made faster, and more importantly, reliably.

Automotive supply chain

Sales and operations planning

With a view to provide value over volume, companies are moving towards investing more time into S&OP. Combined with visibility innovation tools across the entire business function, automotive companies need to link supply and inventories to demand dynamics and develop contingency plans to shape demand and harmonise supply.

Automotive supply chain

Exploring multiple transport modes

By partnering with an LLP, OEMs can now tweak their supply chain to move away from pure ocean logistics to leveraging multimodal supply chain solutions that combine ocean logistics with air, barge, rail and more. This helps companies avoid congested points in their supply chain journey and get to markets faster.

Automotive supply chain

Leverage integration with a lead logistics player

Better integration across OEMs can create value that’s well over ten figures every year. An LLP can play a major role in achieving this untapped value by helping OEMs to react quicker to market and logistics changes, predict and organise inventories and even integrate new mediums of transport to keep supply chains moving.

Disruptions are very much a part of tomorrow's automotive journey. However, with data and tracking, integrated decision-making, technology innovation as well as strong logistics partnerships, manufacturers can look forward to a ‘more in control’ 2022.

To get a more in-depth analysis and insight into how you can get your automotive supply chain moving ahead, read the whitepaper.

Get a free copy of the whitepaper, no registration required.

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