We glad to inform you that Web Performance Issue for New Journey of Shipping Instruction has been resolved. You will be able to utilize again the New Journey of Shipping Instruction easily and clearly every step of the way.

* Currently, the experience is available for shipment that has multiple-up to 20-containers and single cargo description.


  • Easy switching between the steps. The new experience lets you move between steps in whichever order you prefer.
  • Pick up where you left off. The new design saves everything as you go to avoid repeat input.
  • Prompts on mandatory information. Missing details are highlighted so that they can be resolved faster. (While for Indonesia, the Tax ID information can be found here).
  • Instant Verify Copy. For customer’s shipment which been submitted through this New Shipping Instruction Experience will get the Verify Copy (first draft) instantly processed. Please ensure yourself or your colleagues have subscribed the Documentation (Bill of Lading) notification on the website to get auto notification email include with Verify Copy PDF attachment – guidance here. Other notes: Verify Copy will not be released instantly if there is anything in Additional Comment box, any new added party is without registered Customer Code (ensure search the party using Customer Code), and data submitted contain some stopper keyword that need to be further checked by our Documentation team.

Discover more the new experience in submitting your Shipping Instruction

  • Click to see step-by-step guidance in here (illustrated guidance) or here (simple guidance).
  • Reimagining new Shipping Instruction through this video.

Visit our Maersk website to manage your shipment easily and seamlessly (see the guidance here).

Rest assured that we are doing our best to maintain valuable customer experience.
We want to thank you for your business and looking forward to continuously serving your global transportation needs.

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