Due to the current situation that we are currently in we have had to make some hard decisions to protect the onward schedule of the SAECS service. Please take some time to read through the below changes that will be implemented.


  • The vessel will omit Durban and will only call PLZ and CPT
  • Durban imports will be discharged at PECT with ETA 05/09 after the vessel has done her normal vessel call and planned discharge at Coega Terminal
  • Durban 40ft and Hazardous imports will be loaded on the Maersk Waf 1 vessel the Mendelssohn for delivery to Point Terminal in Durban with a provisional ETA of 12/09
  • The balance of the Durban imports will be loaded onto the Border for delivery to Maydon Wharf Terminal with a provisional ETA of 09/09
  • The Akadimos will take the Maersk Luz position in Cape Town on the 09/09
  • Exports from Akadimos ex Durban will be transferred to the next SAECS Vessel the Santa Clara ETA in Durban 12/09


  • Reefer export Cargo from the Mendelssohn will be transferred to the Akadimos for loading at PECT
  • One Line will provide an update on the stacks as soon as it is available

Maersk Newbury

  • This vessel will omit PLZ, coverage for this call will be provided by the Maersk Luz Coega North Bound Call

Maersk Luz

  • The Maersk Luz will load all the units previously shortshipped from the Santa Cruz
  • All Reefer Export bookings will be accommodated on this vessel
  • Dry stacks for this vessel is yet to be confirmed
  • The Maersk Luz will follow the Akadimos for berthing in Cape Town with an ETA of 16/09

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please reach out to us if you have any further concerns, we remain contactable via our usual channels.

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