The global pandemic has changed all our lives, the entire world, and its supply chains. Still very much affecting families, friends and livelihoods, our industry is shifting from personal counters to digital doorways. What COVID-19 has amplified is the urgency in quick reactions to change, as well as the importance of contingency management, visibility and traceability.
Vincent clerc

In the beginning of March, Vincent Clerc, A.P. Moller - Maersk’s CEO of Ocean & Logistics spoke at the JOC Transpacific Maritime Conference to set the context of supply chain disruption for customers: “The threat of supply chain disruption is an industry constant. The pandemic has tested every supply chain and the test is still ongoing,” Clerc said.

One of the themes specifically mentioned is the potential of digitization and how companies across the globe have taken a fast track to adopting new technology to simplify and connect their supply chains. The combination of big data application and AI algorithms makes all aspects of the supply more accurate and efficient.

As the global integrator of logistics, Maersk wants to change logistics from being an art of problem-solving into a science of opportunity-seeking.

To help you manage your day-to-day business, did you know that with a 270% YoY growth in 2020, Mobile is Maersk’s fastest growing customer engagement channel? Our customers worry that being away from their desks will mean that they will miss important shipping information. Being in a low margin business, we understand that visibility is crucial. With our Maersk App you can easily track shipments, receive personalised notification on shipment changes, check outstanding tasks and submit documentation, as well as look up local shipping rules, rates, tariffs and more. All this information is also easily shared with your colleagues if needed. Click here to learn more.

And did you know that our online Maersk Logistics Hub has interactive map functionality to track any Maersk vessel in real time and AI-powered predictive analysis and estimated times of arrivals (ETA)? Click here to login to the Hub.

Also, 78% of all booked reefer containers this year have opted for our Captain Peter technology, a digital reefer visibility assistant that monitors your cargo, the conditions inside your container and its location on the journey. Out of these, 28% (~150,000) have signed up for the premium view, showing the importance of having eyes on your cargo from the moment your chilled goods are locked inside the container right up to delivery at your destination (port and/or store door). This year alone, 8.500 users have accessesed the tool. Click here to learn more.

All of these solutions enables you to make key decisions with relevant data well ahead of any crunch point. The importance of digital helpers is becoming more and more crucial: “The digital platforms which completely changed consumer behavior in recent years will do the same for our industry, and that will be for the better. I can only encourage everybody to have a thorough reflection and discussion with the right partners for your success, because disruption and change will come again”, Clerc finishes.

Our people are here to serve you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Maersk representative and learn what we can do for you and your business.

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