Despite headwinds, Maersk’s services offer the compliance, efficiency and agility that can power growth in Nigeria.

After the slump of 2020-21 — triggered by the pandemic and the downward spiral in oil prices — the economy appears to have rebounded. While this implies a real opportunity for big FMCG brands, there are equally tangible challenges.

In a country that saw e-commerce transactions worth $18 billion in 2018, internet connectivity continues to be patchy. Policy can be inconsistent and regulatory parameters could prove taxing. The transport infrastructure, though agreeable in patches, is mostly cumbersome.

And yet there is much to gain in Nigeria. And efficient logistics could play a hugely vital role. Maersk’s end-to-end services ensure your supply-chain functions without a hitch, even in a challenging ecosystem. How is it done?

The key lies in adding value for our customers in three vital areas: compliance, efficiency and agility.

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