Securing a critical air shipment from China to Netherlands in a market disrupted by the global pandemic.

Pushing logistics to the skies

The Background

Headquartered in The Netherlands, our customer produces parental goods such as pushchairs and strollers for infants. This customer has been at the forefront of stroller innovation since the 90s and continue to invent, develop, test, and manufacture products that combine beautiful design with long-lasting functionality. Today their products are sold in 50 countries worldwide. Logistics plays a vital role in maximising competitiveness in their multichannel business throughout the world. Goods are manufactured in Xiamen, China and transported via both air and sea to the company’s European Distribution Centre in The Netherlands.

Pushing logistics to the skies

The Challenge

With air freight such a critical component of this customer’s supply chain in the leadup to Christmas, as airlines announced flight cancellations in response to the global pandemic, significant disruptions were inevitable. With Xiamen being a hub of manufacturing, space was in high demand and therefore difficult to secure on flights that would meet the customer’s delivery deadlines, without the risk of offload. In addition, they had a specific requirement that all shipments be under one Airway Bill (AWB). When our customer’s large pre-Christmas shipment was ready to fly to Amsterdam and other air freight providers were struggling to present a satisfactory solution, they approached Maersk to help.

Pushing logistics to the skies

The Solution

The customer’s account management team immediately engaged our local air freight specialists and sprang into action to design a solution. Strong demand ex-Xiamen meant competition for space was fierce. Working within the customer’s specified needs, but also thinking outside the square to consider previously untried solutions, we looked at direct and indirect flight choices, the status of factory production, airport operations, and other responsive measures to transport goods from plant in China across the globe to The Netherlands. Through the strength of our carrier network relationships in the market, we were able to offer a cost-effective solution involving both direct and indirect flights which would guarantee the shipment arrived in Amsterdam on time, and under one AWB.

Pushing logistics to the skies

The Result

Due to the strong teamwork and seamless collaboration demonstrated by the Maersk and customer teams, the shipment of 60+CBMs arrived at destination on time without being offloaded, and under one AWB. With the logistics taken care of, the customer was given the peace of mind that their new product model could have the best start on the market.

The integration of logistics services with Maersk gives our customers a unique advantage - the flexibility to tailor solutions and visibility across the supply chain. This includes finding different ways of transportation and alternative routes to handle supply chain disruptions. Maersk’s proactive and innovative way of working enabled the customer to have an uninterrupted supply chain.

Maersk has gained longevity as our trusted partner. They are willing to engage in the most difficult situations to provide alternatives and align on a plausible course of action. In challenging environments, such as the recent pandemic, Maersk remains very customer focused and agile, providing value through insights, analysis and the hands-on approach of the team globally.

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