In the wake of the recent disruption, supply chain systems across the globe experienced varying degrees of uncertainty. While organizations were able to restore a fair degree of normalcy, they have started to relook how supply chain systems can be made more resilient.

The single most important lesson that the recent disruption has taught businesses is that there is an immediate need to identify and close the gaps in their supply chain systems. To build this desired robustness, organizations are starting to explore new and unique solutions—to help them streamline their supply chains for uninterrupted and immediate operations while establishing more resilient long-term solutions.

In this 60 min webinar Supply Chains Reloaded: Building Resilience in the Face of Disruption Vincent Clerc, CEO, Ocean and Logistics, Maersk along with other industry leaders discuss learnings that have emerged as a result of the recent developments and reflect on the possible ways in which resilient supply chains can be built.

Vincent Clerc
Vincent Clerc
CEO, Ocean and Logistics, Maersk

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