Maersk CHB efficient services aim to consistently bring and amplify value to your bottom line. Right sized to handle your business around the world with global reach and local expertise.


  • In business since 1832 when Aristide Barbier and Édouard Daubrée opened a factory to make farm equipment and rubber balls in Clermont-Ferrand.
  • Michelin aim to continually improve customer satisfaction, empower teams, streamline the way of work and embrace digital technology by adapting to the changing expectations customers and employees.
  • Annual revenue of USD 27 billion.
  • Michelin employ more then 127,000 people, and produce roughly 200 million tires annually,


  • The customer had a long standing relationship with a number of brokers that rendered CHB services.
  • Visibility of CHB operations was not at satisfactory levels.
  • Customer could not trust its cost structure as new hidden costs would tend to emerge with every account reconcaiation.
  • Customer supply chain experienced delays in operation across whole year, and especially during the peak times. Lack of visibility amplified the issue and revenue loss.

Maersk Solution

  • Centralized & standardized operations (One Maersk team for multiple factories).
  • CHB AppLite
  • On time Reports & clear KPIs of eachoperations.
  • AEO privilege
  • Faster clearance
  • Pricing stability (5 years validity)

The Result

  • The customer was extremely satisfied with the work Maersk presented. Customer is now implementing full Maersk service and yield both revenue increase and cost optimization from its CHB process improvements. Customer awarded additional business to Maersk, following success of initial shipments.
  • Maersk is awarded 5 years contract, with expected CHB GP of 6 m in 5 years.

Customer Testimonial

Maersk delivered exceptional result, ven in initial period much to our satisfaction. In result we want to continue working with Maersk, and take our cooperation to the next step.

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