We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in Poland.

Maersk leadership teams, as well as management in all other areas where cases of COVID-19 have been identified, are closely monitoring the situation as part of our strong commitment to ensure the safety of our employees whilst working towards mitigating any possible impact to our customers’ operations.

Please bookmark this advisory page where you will always find the latest update for Poland!

16 March 2020:

General Status

In view of the recent developments of the COVID-19 in Poland we would like to assure you that Maersk will continue to support you and your business.

While we take all the necessary precautions, all our offices throughout Poland remain open and we are fully operational with limited staff psychically in the offices. Majority of our staff is working from home.

We are happy to put our resources and capabilities at your disposal in order to mitigate the potential negative impact on your business by this unfortunate situation. We encourage you to make use of the various functionalities on our Maersk website, which enable you to perform all the necessary transactions online, from home, with no need to go to the office.

We strongly recommend you to stay subscribed to our ‘Advisories’ as local offices will send country-specific updates when relevant. Your colleagues can subscribe to our news at Maersk - Press, and you can amend your news preferences in the footer of this email.

Your usual customer service and sales contacts are available for any questions or concerns via phone and email. We are committed to supporting you and your business in the best possible way throughout this challenging situation.

Specific guidelines

OBL documents pick up/surrender:

  • For export documents we strongly encourage to consider converting OBL to SWB whenever possible, or printing OBL at your office, if you have a remote print agreement signed. You can also choose to print OBL at destination. If you need to pcik up OBL at our office please contact us, we will arrange delivery by courier company.
  • For import documents we will set up a desk where you can leave OBL and we will make sure it is safely checked and updated as received till the end of the day

Travelling/customer meetings:

  • All non business critical travels are suspended. Safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. You can always reach us via e-mail, phone or chat, whichever you prefer.

Maersk offices:

  • Access for visitors to offices is reduced only to those delivering/picking up documents. Special “document handling zone” will be allocated at the entrances to minimize personal interaction.

To answer your logistic needs, Maersk remain fully operational:

  • There is a vessel calling Gdansk every week on AE10 service from Far East, so there is no risk your cargo gets stuck in port or not arrive on time.
  • Our trains and trucks network remains open for your delivery and pick up orders.
  • Dry equipment is available both at sea depots and inland locations. Please consult local customer service for availability details.
  • Customs brokerage can help with both export and import clearance.
  • All customer service channels (phone/email/chat – as below) remain open 0800-1730 MON-FRI.

Phone: +48225414340

We want to thank you for your business and look forward to continuously serving your global transportation needs.

Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your Maersk Local Representative, we will be happy to assist you.

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