Continuing our communication about the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Requirement, we’d like to announce you the new VGM cut off time for our vessel/barge which departs from Sihanoukville & Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Therefore,

  • Feeder Service KO1 ETD Sihanoukville SUNDAY: VGM CY cut off will be maintained Saturday 11:59AM for digital submission or 10 hours before for manual submission.
  • Barge ETD Phnom Penh SUNDAY: New VGM CY cut off Saturday 10:00AM for digital submission or 10 hours before for manual submission
  • Barge ETD Phnom Penh WEDNESDAY: New VGM CY cut off Tuesday 17:00PM for digital submission or 10 hours before for manual submission

What is the consequence of not submitting a VGM before cut-off?

As already noted, no container will be loaded onboard a vessel WITHOUT a VGM. Delays on your cargo may impact the fluidity of your supply chain should a container not load its planned voyage due to an absence of a VGM. Additionally, potential demurrage and/or detention charges may apply when a container is sitting idle at the terminal a-waiting for VGM submission.

While your VGM cut-off may be noted on your booking confirmation, we will also launch a dedicated page on our website listing a detailed overview of VGM cut-off information.

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