In order to keep providing you with our global services Maersk has decided to revise our policy on the bookings in Detention in Transit in Algeciras and final destination Portugal. 

From 1st of May 2019 we will be applying the following surcharges:

For Dry cargo :

  • An administration Fee of 50 USD / cntr. 
  • Free time period is 7 days commencing from the date of discharge. After that we will charge 30 USD/ day in terminal per TEU and 60 USD/ day per FFE. 

For Reefer cargo,

  • An administration Fee of 250 USD / cntr. 
  • We will charge 125USD/ per container per day spent in the terminal. 

Charges and free time will start counting on the day the container discharges in Algeciras for transit. 

In both cases the we will invoice the charge per container until the Date of scheduled load of the first vessel available to the final destination once the request has been received.  Please also consider we will need at least 72 h between the release of the container and the closing of the load list. 

Free time in ports of Spain are not applicable in this case. 

We want to thank you for your business and look forward to continously serving your global transportation needs.

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