Network of the future

New Cooperation

Maersk has announced a new long-term operational collaboration with Hapag-Lloyd.

The ambition is to offer a best-in-class ocean network that delivers on the needs of our customers through industry-leading reliability, reach, and speed. The cooperation will start from February 2025.

The cooperation covers Asia / US West Coast, Asia / US East Coast, Asia / Middle East, Asia / Mediterranean, Asia / North Europe, Middle East – India / Europe and Transatlantic.

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Maersk and Hapag-LLoyd: an ideal partnership

Hapag-Lloyd is the ideal partner to deliver this network with Maersk. We are like-minded companies with a shared commitment to quality. Together, our goal is to deliver premium reliability and efficiency for our customers.

With our combined size, we serve the world with a simple and dynamic network. We are also aligned on sustainability and share a commitment to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions – by 2040 for Maersk, and 2045 for Hapag-Lloyd. 

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The role of transshipment hubs in achieving the goal of 90%+ schedule reliability

Find out how a carefully chosen network of transshipment hubs will play a key role in ensuring the Gemini Cooperation delivers industry-leading reliability, reach, and speed.

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5 ways to boost ocean transshipment reliability

What will it take to ensure transshipments are smooth, reliable, and part of a robust supply chain for your business?

Laura Mærsk maiden voyage from Shanghai to Singapore

Boosting reality - the role of our mainliner and shuttle services

Find out how the combination of our mainliner and shuttle services will help set a new standard for reliability from 2025.

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Network of the future

With the new cooperation, our goal is to offer:

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Our ambition is +90% schedule reliability once the network is fully phased in

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same geographical coverage as today, greater access to products and services enabled by hubs.

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Competitive transit times across strategic corridors, fast response to supply chain disruptions and demand changes

Our combined offering for the new cooperation adds up to:

million TEU in capacity
port-to-port combinations

Serving the world

Our new network will consist of 58 services with more than 6,000 port-to-port combinations. You can find more information on what each of the trades will look like below.

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Asia to/from Europe
Asia - Middle East - Negative Map pictogram
Asia to/from Middle East
Asia - North America - Negative Map pictogram
Asia to/from North America
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Europe to/from North America

Contact us

If you need more information on the new cooperation, please contact our Sales or Customer Experience teams. They are standing by to help.

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