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Transforming the FMCG Landscape: Navigating challenges and embracing trends for success

The world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is gearing up for some exciting shifts. From eco-friendly choices to technological upgrades that enhance customer experiences, FMCG companies are under huge pressure to gain more control over their supply chains to keep up with ever-evolving consumer behavior. Add to that a turbulent mix of macro conditions, which are upping the stakes and leaving little room for error.

At Maersk, we understand how critical it is to stay on top of market trends and look at every challenge as an opportunity to gain a competitive edge. With our integrated solutions and deep market expertise, make smarter decisions, adapt quickly to changes, and customize your supply chain to meet what your consumers want.

Learn more about the top five supply chain trends that are reshaping the world of FMCG logistics.

Boosting visibility in an interconnected world

FMCG giant Unilever had to radically alter their supply chain operations to deliver to an omnichannel market after the pandemic forever changed the way people shopped. In 2022, Maersk and Unilever entered a partnership to develop and manage Unilever's control tower, which centralizes its ocean shipping and air transport. This, in turn, would boost Unilever’s visibility and operational efficiency across their supply chain and help cut down emissions.

Read our case study to learn how our digital supply chain management solution, helps Unilever to break down operational silos and connect people, processes, and technologies. This allows Unilever access to end-to-end visibility, real-time intelligence, and optimization insights to make smarter decisions faster.

Connected solutions for your FMCG logistics journey

Inland Transportation

Get your goods to their destination in a shorter time with a single point of contact, more flexibility, and better insight.

Warehousing and Distribution

From downstream to upstream, control the flow of your technology products with Maersk’s Warehousing and Distribution services. And respond to changes in demand.

E-Commerce Logistics

Get your products moving between fulfillment centers and customers’ doorsteps easily with Maersk E-Commerce Logistics. Reach 95% of the United States in 2 days or less.

A supply chain that’s in sync with your sustainability goals

A sustainable supply chain is critical to the future of FMCG businesses, and innovation plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. More brands are discovering fresh methods, processes, approaches, and collaborations to bring about substantial change without distancing their consumers or compromising their financial success.

The focus should not lie solely on adopting environment-friendly practices but also on delicately managing available resources, consumer expectations, investments, and returns. And with the right logistics partner, you can achieve just that and more. Discover how Maersk is at the forefront of logistics decarbonization and how our innovative solutions can catalyze meaningful changes in your supply chain journey.

Connected solutions for your FMCG logistics journey

Air Freight
Move your product faster between multiple origins and destinations.
Chain link
Supply Chain Management
Streamline your logistics and steer clear of complexities.
Logistics pictogram
4PL Solutions
Get actionable insights for strategic decision making with a comprehensive view of your logistics.

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