Establishing a successful, efficient and secure logistics strategy is pivotal to all businesses that require goods to be transported. It’s equally important to choose a logistics provider that offers a combination of transportation options for your needs, including ocean shipping, train freight and road haulage.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of road haulage and how it can help your business achieve international growth. 

What is road haulage? 

A common and popular option for many businesses is road haulage — that is, moving goods via road in large vehicles or trucks. Road haulage can provide local, domestic or international transportation, so no matter where you’re shipping to, using road haulage services along with other transportation options could be a good choice for you. 

Advantages of road haulage

The success of road haulage services largely depends on your specific business and transportation needs. However, with that in mind, road haulage transport does have numerous benefits that can be advantageous to all businesses.

These benefits include:

  • Affordability – trucks tend to be a cheaper form of transport than other modes, such as ships, so road haulage is known as the cheapest type of freight transport.
  • Availability — as the most common form of freight transport, road haulage is readily available and accessible.
  • Speed — although transportation via road is not the fastest mode of transport, the speedy preparation and loading times and the agility of road haulage make it very efficient for short to medium distances.
  • Flexibility —road haulage offers much more flexibility when it comes to scheduling times, capacity and delivery options.
  • Paperwork — paperwork required for road haulage is minimal and a lot simpler than other transport options.
  • Road haulage tracking — road haulage tracking is available and traceable at every step of the process, so you can locate your goods throughout their journey.
  • International reach — road haulage transport is available internationally, due to the extensive road networks and routes available across the globe.

Road haulage services

The suite of road transport services offered by logistics companies, such as loading, tracking, and delivery are referred to as road haulage services. Using these services lets you leverage their industry expertise and influence to unlock extra benefits, including: 

  • Access to extensive routes and road networks
  • Variable fleet of vehicles to suit your cargo
  • Industry know-how and expertise
  • Vast network of drivers
  • Access to cheaper overall costs
  • Single point of contact 

Road haulage and inland transportation

Expert logistics providers can offer additional inland transport options that may also suit your business needs. Using various modes of inland transportation simultaneously and cohesively means you get the best and most efficient end-to-end logistics for your business. For example, road haulage can be combined with rail freight or inland water transport for greater efficiency and sustainability.

At Maersk, we offer reliable inland transportation options to get your cargo to its designated location securely and efficiently. We automatically integrate the best transport option to suit your supply chain, giving you a bespoke solution for your business. Enjoy hassle-free road haulage when you choose to ship with us.

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