Shipping to Mozambique

Demurrage and Detention

Export Detention  (Release of empty containers for export packing and until Gate In Full at terminal):

All container types :

Standard free-time is 14 calendar days from container “Gated Out Empty” date until the date the container is returned “Gate In Full” into the terminal/port.  

Export Detention
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Container Size / Type Amount (USD)
20' dry Per day 50
40' dry Per day 100
20’ Reefer and special equipment Per day 100
40’ Reefer and Special equipment Per day 200


IMCO or Hazardous Cargo & Special Cargoes Hazardous acceptance may to be obtained from (

  • IMCO Class 1, restricted acceptance on direct discharge basis.
  • IMCO Class 7 not acceptable.

For OOG cargo acceptance and costing please address ( 

No LCL and Break Bulk acceptance.

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