Warehousing and Distribution in Latin America

Why we’re excited about the West Coast

With over 70,000sqm of new warehousing space across Peru, Chile and Ecuador, we’re reaffirming our confidence in the region’s growth potential. These facilities will help supply chains embrace better efficiencies and respond flexibly to market demands.

Our warehousing and distribution capabilities in Latin America

Efficient warehousing and distribution is a crucial part of your supply chain. Douglas Tacla, Regional Head of Warehousing and Distribution for Maersk, Latin America offers insights into how Maersk can support your business in Latin America with our 350,000 m2 warehousing space and 20 distribution centres in the region.

Find out more about going beyond warehousing with our integrated logistics solutions.

Connect to your markets in Latin America with our new warehouse in Cajamar

At Maersk, we started expanding our footprint for Latin America in 2007, to follow our commitment to being a global integrator of logistics. In September 2022, Maersk launched a new facility at Cajamar, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. This adds up to the transformation journey seeking to connect and simplify our customer’s supply chain. Read more about the Cajamar Warehouse here.

Maersk new warehouse

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