Warehousing and Distribution services in Europe

Respond swiftly to market demand with Maersk’s warehousing facility in Barcelona

When your business depends on goods from across the globe, strategically located warehousing solutions can mean all the difference to keep your shelves stocked. Maersk’s newest deconsolidation warehouse at the Barcelona Port, situated between the Iberian Peninsula and South France, ensures that goods once at the hub, can be routed to the respective distribution centre in Europe based on the latest demand estimates.

Supply chain operations with  Maersk's warehousing facility in Barcelona

Upgrading your warehousing and distribution solutions to be disruption-ready

Global supply chains have undergone a drastic transformation courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant surge in e-commerce operations. In the white paper, ‘Why is greater flexibility in warehouse and distribution operations so critical to omnichannel supply chain performance?’, published in partnership with Reuters Events, we help you navigate the intricacies of this new high-risk, high-demand market. Explore ways to create a robust warehousing network that can provide long-term stability and the necessary flexibility your supply chain needs to handle disruptions.

Upgrading your warehousing solutions to be disruption-ready

From cost centre to key strategic advantage, warehousing has come a long way

For a long time, warehousing played the role of providing businesses with storage space. However, during the pandemic, stores shut down, demand patterns changed, and an increasing number of consumers turned to e-commerce. Traditional warehousing and distribution is not yet equipped to handle the complexity that comes with channel and demand uncertainty, and businesses are having to rethink their systems and models.

Find out how a partnership with Maersk can help you turn warehousing into inventory management with a difference.

From cost centre to key strategic advantage, warehousing has come a long way

Streamlined solutions with our warehouse in Egypt

For Fashion and Lifestyle brands, time is of the utmost importance. This means that the sourcing centres they engage are also expected to ensure timely delivery of materials, in the best condition possible. As Egypt’s textile industry grows, there is a growing demand for more streamlined logistics solutions. Maersk's warehouse facility in Ismailia has been set up to reduce delays, disruptions and damages, and provide a secure and convenient set-up centrally located between the capital city of Cairo and the Port Said terminal.
Streamlined solutions with our Container Freight Station in Egypt

If you want to go fast, go together

How does the fastest-growing retailer in the UK open 17 new stores there and plan its expansion into France and Spain without letting customer service suffer? Pure Electric started off by partnering with Maersk to manage e-fulfilment and reverse logistics for its discerning digital-first customers. It then went on to take an omni-channel approach with the help of our end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Discover how Pure Electric stays ahead of growing demand from the environmentally-conscious European customer.

If you want to go fast, go together

Future-proofing the production line

A well-known American hygiene and personal care conglomerate wanted to transform their supply chain to achieve high-speed efficiency and minimum cost. For this, they needed to consolidate their supply chain into regional distribution centres strategically located closer to their key markets. We helped them achieve their ambitious goals by offering our state-of-the-art distribution centres. The facilities ensured improved distribution efficacy with clear, single-point-of-entry visibility and control of the entire supply chain – all under one roof.

Find out how a partnership with Maersk helped our customer to get leaner manufacturing processes and accelerate their speed-to-market.

Future-proofing the production line