Shipping to Estonia

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Local Charges

Tallinn and Sillamae 
Local export tariffs

Charge Charge type Amount
Change of destination fee (COD)  per container  USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Administrative Cost (CAD) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Applies if T/S port remains the same, amendment related to the final port of discharge. Must be requested 96hrs before the arrival to the T/S port  per b/l  USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Extra Restows (CED) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Acceptance of the extra costs associated is must.  per container  USD 300 + extra costs associated 
Export Service Charge (EXP) per container EUR21
Booking Cancellation Fee (CCL) per booking USD75**
Manual Documentation Processing Fee (MDF)* per Bill of Lading USD 25
Origin dangerous cargo service for inland haulage (ODC)  per container  EUR 60 
Customs Clearance (CCO)  per declaration  EUR 27
Payer Amendment Origin Fee  Per B/L  EUR 40
Carrier haulage overweight surcharge (cargo > 24.0 t for customer)  per container  10% on top of inland haulage rate 
Multistop Surcharge (MSE)- (within city limits)  per container  EUR 50 per stop 
Inland Haulage Waiting Time (WTO)  per container  4 hours free; 15.00 EUR/HR or 120.00 EUR/DAY, if waiting time morethan 8 hrs (incl. Free time) 
Genset Charge (GEN)  per REEFER container  EUR 200 
Sideloader/Triaxel chassis (OSC/TRS)  per container  EUR 50 

* Applies when customer is not using e-solutions when making export bookings and submitting shipping instructions 

Demurrage and Detention


Name of the period Start End

Export Detention period

Empty container pick up day (including this day)

One day prior container gate-in

Export Demurrage period

Full container gate-in date (including this day)

A day when the container is loaded on the vessel (including this day)



Service point Service Route Documentation/Shipping instructions/MRN/VGM cut off Cargo cut off
HHLA TK Estonia AS Tallinn Service L28 Gdansk vessel WED14:00 THU12:00
HHLA TK Estonia AS Tallinn Service L49 Bremerhaven vessel WED 11:00 WED17:00


Service Point Service Route Doc deadline Cargo cut off
Silsteve Terminal AS Sillamäe Service L49 Bremerhaven vessel THU 11:00 THU17:00



  • The allowed tolerance is 2%, in case exceeded then “Do not load” policy applies.
  • As per TK AS (Container Terminal Operator in Estonia, Port of Tallinn), if the shipper provided VGM and actual (port check) VGM deviation is more than 1000 kg per container then penalty applies.

Weighting possibilities on/off terminal

Weighting on terminal:

  • TK AS (Transiidikeskuse AS) is capable to provide weighting services to containers arriving to terminal. Weighing service ordered prior Gate In of the container – 22 €/container
    Weighing service ordered when container already on Yard:

    • Delivery of order 24 h before the vessel arrival – 83,60 €/container
    • Delivery of order 12 h before the vessel arrival – 167,2 €/container
    • Delivery of order 6 h before the vessel arrival – 250,8 €/container
    • If the VGM is not presented to the terminal and/or the terminal has not received the weighting order from the shipper, forwarder or shipping line at least 6 hours before the vessel arrival the container will not be loaded onto vessel.
      *Prices are subject to VAT.
  • Terminal contact details for container weighting:

Weighting off (outside) terminal:

There are possibilities to weight containers outside TK AS terminal with 3rd party service providers. Please contact your local Customer Service Agents for advice.

Government and terminal rules

If the VGM is not presented at the terminal and/or the terminal has not received the weighting order from the shipper, forwarder or shipping line at least 6 hours before the vessel arrival the container will not be loaded onto vessel. No VGM – no load.

Terminal Penalties

  • If the responsible person has presented incorrect VGM (exceeding the maximum payload) to the terminal the penalty is 350 €/container, plus additional reloading costs for weight correction and storage costs.
  • If the responsible person has presented VGM to the terminal where difference between VGM and actual weight exceeding 1000kg (but not exceeding payload) the penalty is 110 €/container, plus additional reloading costs for weight correction and storage costs, scaling could be applied.

VGM Cut offs

Cut offs are communicated based on Vessel’s ETA DATA and can be provided by Customer Service Agents (CS) locally. Please contact your local CS.

Government Penalties

If the responsible party has presented incorrect VGM, the penalty is up to 16 000 € for lawful companies. (Based on Maritime Safety Law, Riigiteataja.)

Tare weights

Channels to submit VGM:

  • Email –
  • Cone portal –
  • Maersk WEB –
  • INTTRA, GT Nexus, and CargoSmart – as per service provider
  • EDI – Please contact Customer Service to setup EDI connection between companies.

What information is required when providing VGM?

Manual methods of submission (email and fax) are acceptable but not encouraged. The established digital channels will avoid documentation errors and delays in handover of information. When a VGM is submitted manually, the name of shipper and signature is required in addition to container number and weight.

Important information for a SHIPPER:

  • It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide the correct VGM
  • Maersk will not verify the VGM
  • Shippers should incorporate the VGM process in the shipment cycle
  • Shippers should establish a process with their supply chain partners to integrate the weighing service, if needed
  • Shipper should be aware that a cost might incur, if a container is admitted to the terminal without a VGM
  • Shipper may nominate a third party to submit the VGM. Maersk will record the sender in our system
  • If a shipper does not comply and provide the VGM in time, the carrier and the terminal representative will not load the containers on the vessel
  • Penalties for non-compliance are determined by the local authorities and will vary by country
  • Shipper’s signature is not mandatory for submitting the VGM, when submitted via our website. Signature is only needed when submitting via non-electronic channels
  • Maersk will follow up with the shipper, if the VGM is missing.
  • After the container has been loaded, Maersk will not accept any changes to the VGM.

Other relevant info

Amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter VI, Regulation 2


Bill of lading clausing, documentation: 

No specific clausing required.

Special customs requirements:

No specific requirements.



Limited acceptance of scrap metals. All scrap metal shipments are subject to the local Maersk office approval.

Wet salted hides is subject to prior approval from the local Maersk Office and subject to use of liner bags. 
In case cargo should be shipped in hangertainer, please approach your local Maersk office with configuration needed (number of beams, strings and loops) for confirmation and costs.

Weight / Measurement:

For general information on weight / measurement restrictions please contact your local Maersk office.

Special Cargoes:

Out of Gauge, Break Bulk and Dangerous cargo subject to standard Maersk approval procedures. 

Reefer haulage:

Maersk accepts only store door pick ups within Estonia for reefer cargo due to expensive equipment.
Reefer equipment is not allowed to Merchant Haulage (customer own pick up from port and haulage), in case customer requires Merchant Haulage then deposit applies as USD 30000 for 40 HREF and USD 19000 for 20REF.

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