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Improve access, performance, and accountability with specialised logistics for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare services

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare supply chains are unlike any other. They include high levels of complexity with zero room for error. That’s why we’ve designed a dedicated and holistic Pharma solution that’ll help you manage your supply chain, your way. Built to minimise risk, maximise flexibility, and offer end-to-end visibility, you can trust our services to keep you in complete charge.

Pharma Expertise

As pioneers in temperature-controlled logistics, our Pharma team is backed by decades of Reefer expertise. Today, the team consists of Specialists, with deep Pharma expertise, who can provide you guidance, from factory to pharmacy. A big part of the Specialists’ responsibility is to train our dedicated Customer Service personnel, so they can address your needs with speed and proficiency too. Behind those taking care of your day to day needs is an Innovation Team that works with customers like you to develop Pharma solutions for the future.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

GDP Compliance

The Maersk Pharma team is uncompromising about meeting pharmaceutical guidelines. We have been successfully audited, over 200 of our colleagues worldwide are GDP certified to govern and distribute Pharmaceutical products, and our entire team is trained to support customers through specialised GDP compliance courses.

GDP Compliance

Quality Management System

We have developed a Maersk Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that the highest standards are maintained while storing and transporting Pharmaceutical products. We have consolidated all the operational steps in our QMS and provide you full transparency via our Remote Container Management (RCM) solution. This RCM data works as tangible proof for you and your stakeholders to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Equipment and Pre-trip Inspections (PTI)
  • Clean and effective containers
  • Container age
  • Risk Assessment for delivery routes
  • Training
  • Pharmaceutical Cargo Specialists
  • 24/7 Monitoring with RCM
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Audits
Quality Management System

Maersk Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA):

For compliant responses to incidents

Cost effective cold chains

Air freight accounts for more temperature excursions, compared with ocean journeys. Transporting cargo by air is more expensive than shipping. Planes have a higher carbon footprint than that of ships.

Clearly, shipping your Pharma products is good for business and the planet. However, with ‘essentials’ like Pharma and Healthcare products, the speed and agility of air transportation can never be ruled out. That’s why we offer you the flexibility to customise solutions by mixing your modes of transport (ocean, air, rail, trucks) as per the need of the hour.

Cost effective cold chain

The Maersk Edge

Whether you need us to do the heavy lifting with our assets and equipment or to take care of the finer aspects of managing your logistics, you can depend on our dedicated Pharma services. From supply chain process management to visibility and data management, we do what it takes to optimise your supply chain performance and maintain the integrity of your high value cargo.

Asset ownership

For decades now, Maersk has consistently invested in advancing the Reefer segment. In a steadily growing and capital-intensive market like Pharma, a partner with significant investments in infrastructure, technology, and industry expertise can help you boost business and reduce the cost of uncertainties.
Asset Ownership

State of the art equipment

One in every four Reefer containers in the world is a Maersk Reefer container. And every Maersk Reefer container is suited for the transportation of Pharma products.

State of the art equipments

Cargo visibility

Our Remote Container Management technology was developed to help you monitor the conditions inside your container, from pickup to delivery. Through this technology, refrigerated freight containers send a satellite message with updates on temperature and humidity, to our 24x7 Reefer Control Tower, the port of arrival, equipment management and repair vendors, and you.

Cargo Visibility

Cold Chain Management

Pharmaceutical companies like yours are naturally risk averse when it comes to change, and rightly so. Much like medication, tried-and-tested solutions are more appealing than something new or experimental.

Cold chain management

Cold Storage

Today, the global Maersk Pharma team handles over 25,000 orders per year for more than 30 key clients transporting pharmaceutical and veterinary products, medical devices, and dangerous Pharmaceutical goods.

Cold storage

Maersk 4PL

To leverage logistics to its maximum, you shouldn’t have to make it a part of your core business. 4PL is a Maersk product that takes away supply chain complexities from your routine while giving you end-to-end visibility and control across geographies.

Maersk 4PL

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