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Improve access, performance, and accountability with specialised logistics for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare services

Pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains are unlike any other. They include high levels of complexity with zero room for error. That’s why we’ve designed a dedicated and holistic pharma and healthcare solution that’ll help you manage your supply chain, your way. Built to minimise risk, maximise flexibility, and offer end-to-end visibility, you can trust our services to keep you in complete charge.


Pharma expertise

As pioneers in temperature-controlled logistics, our pharma team is backed by decades of reefer expertise and can provide you guidance, from factory to pharmacy. A big part of the specialists’ responsibility is to train our dedicated customer service personnel, so they can address your needs with speed and proficiency. Behind those taking care of your day-to-day needs is an innovation team that works with customers like you to develop pharma solutions for the future.

We utilise digital platforms to provide reliable data and establish a single truth for all stakeholders. As we assist you in preparing for and overcoming unforeseen challenges, we also focus on reducing waste, cutting costs, and improving delivery times. This integrated strategy ensures a seamless and efficient pharma and healthcare logistics experience.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

GDP compliance

The Maersk pharma team is uncompromising about ensuring compliance with pharmaceutical guidelines. We have been successfully audited by pharma clients to demonstrate the capability of our Pharma QMS. Over 200 of our colleagues worldwide have through specialized courses been trained in applicable GDP and Quality requirements to govern and distribute pharmaceutical products and support our customers.

GDP compliance

Quality Management System

We have developed a Maersk risk-based pharmaceutical & healthcare quality management system (Pharma QMS) with customer-focused mindset, continuously improved to ensure compliance with EU GDP and other stringent regulatory and industry guidelines:

  • Supplier Management program
  • Lane risk assessment, documented processes, and GDP training for pharmaceutical & healthcare supply chain integrity and sustainability.

  • Deviation management and corrective actions
  • Equipment qualification and computer system validation.

quality management

Track your goods at every step

Visibility of the smallest detail matters when you ship pharmaceutical & healthcare products. Captain Peter and our Remote Container Management system provides visibility on temperature-humidity, O2 and CO2 levels, not to mention the location and status of your valuable cargo. Captain Peter is validated as per GAMP 5 and FDA 21CFR.

track your goods

Pharma Cold Chain Management

Maersk's Pharma Cold Chain Management (P-CCM) integrates physical and digital dimensions flawlessly, ensuring compliance with GDP. Our solution prioritises meticulous temperature control, empowering pharmaceutical innovators to concentrate on crafting top-tier medicines.
pharma storage

Cold Storage

Empowering our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, the Maersk pharma team efficiently handles 25,000+ annual orders for over 30 key partners. From pharmaceuticals and veterinary products to medical devices and hazardous goods, our cold storage solutions swiftly adapt to dynamic needs and regulatory changes, ensuring seamless operations for our customers.

Leveraging advanced technology, including EDI solutions, a reliable warehousing management system (WMS), direct temperature and humidity access, and streamlined cross-docking solutions, we actively contribute to the success of our clients in the pharmaceutical logistics landscape.

cold storage

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