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Design the perfect cargo journey for your customers.

Optimise customer logistics effortlessly

Whether your customers are regional or global, finding the right solutions for their requirements is not simple. For every request, there are multiple solutions, but you want only the best for your customers.

With us, you get access to a global freight management network of customisable products and services to help you build that optimal solution. Our digitally enabled offerings also ensure swift execution and complete visibility throughout the journey.

You care about your business and your customers. So do we.

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Our promise to you

Global transportation network
You can scale up your 'on-the-ground' coverage across multiple locations through our always-ready global multimodal transportation network of vessels, barges, trucks and rail.
Environmental Friendly
Commitment to sustainability
Sustainability is a strategic imperative for us. We have already reduced our relative CO2 emissions by 46%. Our next milestone is a 60% reduction by 2030, and 100% by 2050. You can read more about it here.
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Innovative digital solutions
You can use our online services to book, manage and track freight instantly, from anywhere and at any time. Check our suite of e-solutions in this short guide.

Digital solutions that work for you

When you’re looking to add value for your customers, partnering with Maersk helps. Our digital tools and solutions give you better control of the end-to-end transportation of cargo, with visibility at every step of the way. Helping you enhance your customer relationships.

Effortless online booking with Maersk Spot

Enjoy a smooth and transparent booking flow and give your customers the best combination of cargo movement across multiple modes. Maersk Spot offers the simplicity of booking Inland and Ocean at the same time. What’s more, you can book online at a fixed price and include extra Freetime to accommodate your customers’ needs. There’s flexibility all the way.

Transport goods all the way with Maersk Inland services

Experience effortless end-to-end deliveries of goods with Maersk Inland services. On the road or by sea, you can opt for transportation by truck, rail or barge. Select your cargo, pick your preferred routes, complete your booking and stay updated every step of the way. Do it all when you book Maersk Spot.

Landside Transportation

Maersk App - Global logistics at your fingertips

No two days are the same for any business. Markets change. Prices change. Routes and expectations change. Juggling all these variables across multiple teams, vendors and borders is a challenge as supply chains get more complex.

Maersk App is the solution to getting better control of your supply chain. Our intuitive app is always ready with real-time updates on everything you need to keep your logistics on point and ahead of the game. Gain visibility on your shipments from A to B, and structure your supply chain based on your strategy.

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Get complete visibility with Maersk Logistics Hub

The Logistics Hub is our centralised supply chain visibility solution powered by AI. It gives you a consolidated view of shipping data across the board on one simple dashboard. It’s designed to help you gain control of the supply chain services you employ for your customers, so that they stay on top of every shipment.

Logistics Hub

Accidental damage? No, thank you. Choose Maersk Value Protect

When importing or exporting and moving across sea and land, accidents are bound to happen. That's why we are here to help make sure your cargo and products are safe and sound when leaving your POD and arriving at destination. Ship with peace of mind and protect your cargo from logistics-related risks during transportation. It’ll only take you a few simple steps.

Value protect

Customs processes simplified with Maersk Custom Services

When you ship your container internationally, Maersk Custom Services lets you manage your customs workflow in real time, wherever you are. Get an overview of your cargo’s journey, avoid unexpected delays, and reduce costs.

MyCustoms is a quick-access tool on the Maersk Logistics Hub. It gives you real-time cargo clearance status, inbound and outbound customs entries overview for all relevant countries, and customs duty payments status – all on your desktop or mobile devices. With 24/7 chat support.

Maersk Customs Services

Ease of transactions with MyFinance

Whether you’re paying off an invoice, receiving a refund, or settling a dispute, managing funds is a nerve-racking task. Your mind remains restless until the cheque clears. And then comes the cumbersome task of maintaining records.

MyFinance, our web-based finance management tool, simplifies fund transfers while keeping them secure. With the help of the latest innovations in payments technology, you can now sail through finance-related tasks and still find enough time to focus on your day-to-day.

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Share valuable insights with your customers

Tap into a wealth of information and insightful tips that will help you make your customers’ logistics journey smoother.

Visibility can give you a competitive edge

When the global logistics industry is exposed to delays and disruptions, inevitably you bear the brunt of it. As a freight forwarder, how can you minimise risk and boost resilience?

The answer could well lie in greater visibility. Here’s a well-researched article that provides valuable insights in the context of the challenges you face.

Warehouse employee moves goods

Going digital – A turning point for trade

The adoption of digital processes has accelerated sharply in the past year. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are seeing the value of digitalised supply chains.

To gain insights into what this holds for the future, read the article — 'Going Digital: A Turning-Point for Trade', produced by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group.

Going digital – A turning point for trade

Accelerated transformation through turbulence

According to a recent survey, as many as 42% of supply chain professionals report accelerating their digital transformation – a testament that companies now recognise the benefits of digitalised supply chains.

For more on the progress of digitalisation in the industry, take a look at the visual report — ‘Accelerated innovation: transformation through turbulence’, produced by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group.

Accelerated transformation through turbulence

The potential of data in global trade

The importance of data in logistics is continuously increasing, with industry players recognising the power data holds over efficient movement of goods and strategic decision-making.

In a podcast, hear journalist John Basquill interview Jan Hoffmann, Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, UN Conference on Trade and Development, and Holly Landry, Chief Data Officer at Maersk, on how data is expected to elevate global logistics to the next level.

Logistics 4.0 and the rise of networked supply chain

Global trade is moving away from linear flows of information to a single network setup where everyone has a single version of the truth. Logistics 4.0 seems to have the perfect mix of innovation and technology, but what does this entail?

In this edition of our Transformation podcast, journalist John Basquill interviews Juanjo Ruiz, Global Head of Strategy and Operations at IBM and Lars Karstrup, Global Head of Sales for TradeLens at Maersk, for viewpoints on how digitalisation and other advanced technologies can transform the customer experience in shipping and logistics.

Solving global trade challenges with TradeLens

Exchange of information is one of the oldest challenges within the shipping industry where multiple touchpoints are critical.

Watch the executives from Maersk, MSC and CMA-CGM discuss the challenges facing the modern shipping industry and the role TradeLens is playing in transforming global trade.

Digital transformation to manage supply chain shocks

Companies are realising the true potential of technology in managing supply chain disruptions. As a result, many have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives.

To find out what this entails, listen to our latest podcast featuring Dr. Yossi Sheffi, Professor of Engineering Systems and Head of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, and Scott Horn, VP of the Logistics and Services Platform at Maersk.

New horizons in supply chain management

Companies are shifting focus from just-in-time setups towards flexible models that are more resilient.

To find out the key trends driving such transformations, read our briefing paper — "’New horizons in supply chain management" ‘— produced by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group, where we have gathered insights from five industry leaders.

New horizons in supply chain management

Logistics in the age of autonomy

Automation has shown tremendous transformative potential in logistical value chains, but since it's still in its infancy, there are uncertainties around implementation and maintenance. Which begs the question: what does the future hold for the global adoption of robotics and autonomous systems?

For answers, listen to our latest podcast — “’Logistics in the age of autonomy’”, produced by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group, featuring Gopal R, Global leader of supply chain and logistics practices at Frost & Sullivan and Jeppe Hoier, Partner at Maersk Growth.

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