Introducing more Freetime options

Maersk Spot bookings now come with extendable Freetime slots.

Buy more time for your cargo

When you're pressed for time and your import cargo’s onward journey is uncertain, a standard Freetime window can be insufficient, leading to high demurrage charges.

Introducing Freetime Extension – an exclusive Maersk Spot feature that gives you the freedom to choose between multiple Freetime slots.

Along with more choices, you get a completely transparent experience as the additional slots come with upfront fixed prices.


More choices
Choose from multiple Freetime slots
Cost control
Get a complete overview of costs with a fixed price upfront
Save up to 80% when you buy additional Freetime upfront, as part of your booking
Maersk Spot - Flexible
Easy to add
Extend Freetime in simple steps, right from the booking screen

Freetime Extension in the booking flow

See how easy it is to book

Step 1: Click ‘Book Spot’ on the ’Select sailing‘ page

Step 2: Add Freetime Extension in the ’Additional products and services (optional)’ section on the ’Additional details‘ page

Step 3: Select from available Freetime options

Step 4: Review and submit

Frequently asked questions

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Book Freetime Extension for your cargo

Freetime Extension, an exclusive Maersk Spot feature, gives you more transparency and freedom to choose between multiple Freetime slots.