Container Protect

Protect your cargo's journey against the hassle of container damages and cleaning settlements.

Seamless, like nothing happened

One in three containers1 globally sustain damage or require clean-up, leading to avoidable delays and surprise costs for shippers. Container Protect offers protection against such instances with two variants: Container Protect Essential and Container Protect Unlimited.

  • Container Protect Essential provides limited coverage for container damages and cleaning costs, across all commodities. If repairs exceed the coverage limit, only the additional amount is billed.
  • Container Protect Unlimited provides unlimited coverage for container damage and cleaning costs, across all commodities.

1 Global Maersk Equipment Report

A Maersk container loaded on a truck

How to add Container Protect to your shipment

Container Protect is currently only available offline. To add it to your shipment, you can reach out to your Maersk sales representative.

  • With Maersk Contract: You can get Container Protect added to your Maersk Ocean Contract. In this case, coverage will be applicable to all shipments under the contract.
  • Without Maersk Contract: In case you don’t have a Maersk Ocean contact, Container Protect can be requested for individual shipments.

Best coverage against container cleaning and repairs, in your country

Frequently asked questions

Need more clarity? Here are some of the most common questions we receive for Maersk’s Container Protect. We hope these will help you make an informed decision about protecting your goods from container damage and cleaning costs.

Adding Container Protect is easy

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Talk to your Maersk Sales Representative for help with adding Container Protect to your shipments.