Safety and security

We employ 95,000 people across 130 countries. It is our prime responsibility to keep them safe and secure while they work at sea, in the air, and in terminals, warehouses and offices.

Why safety and security matter

Safety and security at work is a basic human right. As a global employer, we have a duty of care for all our employees worldwide as well as anyone operating on our sites.

Constant care is a core Maersk value, and we see safety and security as our first ethical priority towards our employees, their families, and our communities.

Why safety and security matter

Our safety and security targets


High Potential Incidents trigger frontline Learning Teams

Top 900

Maersk Global Leadership upskilled in Safety & Security Principles

Our ambition

We ensure that everyone gets home safe by preventing fatal and life-altering incidents.

Safety and security

Priorities and actions

The safety and security of our people is one of the three core commitments in our ESG strategy. This means we work to eliminate fatalities and life-altering injuries and strive for as few lost time injuries as possible. We drive progress by focusing on key priority areas.

Creating capacity to fail safely

We diligently implement robust processes that contribute to a strong safety culture. This entails the creation of open and trust-based environments that are conducive to reporting and learning from safety risks and incidents.

In the simplest terms, this means building the capacity to fail safely. If accidents or incidents occur, then our safety culture, processes and mitigating actions will have the resilience to ensure that no significant harm occurs.

Maersk Safety and Security Principles

We want to embed safety into the fabric of our business and ensure that we can manage risks under variable conditions. This must be enacted through leadership that engages with frontline employees and provides the necessary support they need to make it easier to operate safely.

Our four strategic principles for safety and security

  • We lead with care and will improve leadership capabilities.
  • We learn and adapt and will build capacity to manage serious risks through controls and safeguards.
  • We improve our culture of learning by promoting employee voice, engagement and knowledge sharing.
  • We enhance foundations both structurally and operationally with simple, accessible tools and competent advice.

Monitoring and acting on security risks

Our duty of care spans the safety of our employees and anyone operating on our sites. It also includes the protection of our customers’ cargo and reputation, which are also impacted by security risks, for example piracy at sea and armed conflict on land.

We closely monitor all risks and act when necessary. Having observed the increasing risk of piracy for several years, we have enhanced security measures on our vessels and engaged with sovereign states to find shared solutions to protect the seafarers who keep global supply chains running.

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