Data ethics

Our data-driven logistics solutions are empowering businesses with more predictability, agility, and resilience. Protecting our customers’ data is critical to this digital transformation.

Why data ethics matter

While data is an enabler for integrated logistics services, its storage and use must be proactively managed to avoid abuse and privacy infringement. Our data ethics policy covers the human right to privacy, use of artificial intelligence, and the use of confidential data.

Through cross-functionally anchored governance, we ensure technologies and data are used to innovate and further optimise our services, sustainability initiatives and operations, while being compliant to regulations and adhering to high ethical standards, in line with our Maersk Core Values.

Why data ethics matter

New commitments

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Data ethics policy is in place
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Target set for training 100% employees on Data Ethics

Our ambition

We demonstrate leadership in our ability to ethically manage and use data, with customers trusting that we use their data appropriately, and do not abuse or lose their trust. We prepare Maersk for a future with high ethical standards for data as a differentiator for our customers and support to our employees.

Data ethics

Priorities and actions

Managing data collected from our stakeholders, including our customers, is a critical issue given that examples of undue influence and targeting for abuse of such data are increasing in today’s societies.

Taking an ethical lead

Our data ethics programme enables Maersk to grow in accordance with our vision and set a high bar for the ethical use of data in our industry.

Evolving ethics for new realities

Our approach to data ethics takes into account the human right to privacy as it relates to data, the ethical use of artificial intelligence and careful use of confidential data.

The strong guiding vision on data ethics is necessary to grow in parallel with our increasing use of technology and corresponding volumes of data.

Maersk’s data ethics policy

We use and process data based on the principles of Transparency, Respect, Security, and Innovation with the overall purpose of creating value for our customers, employees, society, and investors, while protecting their data.

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Our customers, partners and employees know what data is collected, shared and how it is used by Maersk. We only collect data necessary for the purpose, and we monitor and adjust internal processes to keep transparency.
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Data is handled with due respect for the choices and fundamental interests of our customers, business partners, and employees. We integrate internal controls and train employees to apply high ethical standards when handling data and using our systems.
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We apply Maersk security policies when handling data to secure compliance with applicable laws and practices, and protect data for our customers, business partners and employees. We ensure that our systems operate securely utilising trusted modern technology.
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We are committed to bring innovative solutions to our customers, business partners and employees. Equally, we use innovation to positively impact global sustainability challenges through operational optimisation and by fuelling new industry norms that redefine the impact of globally integrated logistics services.

Maersk Sustainability Report 2021

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Maersk sustainability report

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