We actively support the societies and ecosystems where we operate. This responsibility is grounded in our Core Values and expected by our key stakeholders.

Why citizenship matters

Logistics services play a vital role in many crisis situations. From environmental clean-ups and natural disasters to food shortages and humanitarian emergencies, logistics is the means to get help where it is needed.

But the most urgent challenges demand concerted action. That’s why we partner with civil society actors, our industry peers, academia, local authorities and communities to build capacity, prepare emergency responses and support action on the ground.

Our ambition

We engage in global partnerships that leverage Maersk assets and skills to make an impact in prioritised areas aligned with our business and sustainability goals. We support local communities and partners with donations and social investments in accordance with our corporate guidelines.


Our targets

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Continue engagement and partnership with the Logistics Emergency Tea ms and The Ocean Cleanup
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Leverage partnership platforms to promote employee engagement
document realiablity
Improve documentation and disclosure of donations activities and impact

Highlights in 2022

Supporting Ukraine
We supported Ukraine with large-scale in-kind logistics assistance through the Logistics Emergency Team, and donations
Loaded train wagon
Flood response in Pakistan
Following unprecedented monsoon floods, we facilitated rapid distribution of 2.7 tonnes of cargo including mosquito nets, tents and hygiene kits
Making an impact
Maersk received the Indian Health Impact Award for making a meaningful difference in the lives of ship recycling workers

Priorities and actions

We take active responsibility for the societies and ecosystems where we operate. This commitment is grounded in our Core Values and the expectations of our key stakeholders. We prioritise specific causes to focus our efforts.
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Humanitarian relief
Customised solutions
Empowering for trade
Commitment to Sustainability
Protecting the natural environment and oceans
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Education and training
Star care
Health and safety
COVID-19-related donations

Featured highlights and case stories

Helping those most in need

The Russian invasion of Ukraine created an acute need for humanitarian aid. As a member of the Logistics Emergency Team, Maersk supported humanitarian relief efforts with large-scale in-kind logistics assistance provided by a dedicated team of 40 Maersk specialists.

Partnering with the WFP, UN, and the UNHCR, we established a major aid warehouse and worked with authorities to coordinate a stable flow of relief supplies into Ukraine.

Supporting action on ocean plastic

Maersk has partnered with The Ocean Cleanup since 2018, providing offshore and logistics support for the organisation’s cleanup systems in oceans and major rivers.

By the end of 2022, System 002 in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch had harvested nearly 200,000 kilograms of plastic waste from the ocean.

Sustainability Report 2022

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.
Maersk sustainability report

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