Why should I book LCL?

You should book LCL on Maersk.com if:

  • You got a shipment that is essential to keep your supply chain running, but it’s not large enough to fill an entire container.
  • Your small cargoes don’t get prioritised by carriers and even if they are, service is unreliable or too costly.
  • You can’t order a full container load because you don’t have the space or requirement to store a large inventory.
  • You have tight, but not always very urgent, deadlines.
  • Air Freight isn’t always necessary for your cargo.
  • You want more flexibility to move all sorts of cargo at any time and not just based on size or rigid logistics timetables.
  • You’re getting tired of dealing with multiple vendors and complicated processes for what seems like a simple affair.
  • Tracking shipments is next to impossible and there’s a real lack of visibility and transparency across the board.

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