On Maersk.com, you can either add customs along with your ocean bookings or at a later stage, through MyCustoms. In either case, you can rest assured that your customs clearances will be handled efficiently.

Step-guide on how to book customs with ocean booking

Maersk.com offers you the opportunity to manage your ocean bookings and customs clearances on one platform.
Here’s how you can add customs to your ocean bookings:

  1. Start your New Ocean booking
  2. After confirmation of Ocean Booking add customs to shipment : Based on your container booking, the system will recommend various customs clearance products for export or import.
  3. Select the customs clearance product : Check your selected products and confirm your purchase (Please read the terms and conditions and check the ‘Accept’ option if you agree).
  4. Upload your document : To complete your request, you will be asked to upload the relevant documents. This can be done through MyCustoms on the Hub or the ‘Additional Services’ option when managing your booking on the Shipment Binder.
  5. Final clearance displayed on MyCustoms : You will receive your clearance documents. In case of any missing documents or clarifications, your local representative will contact you.

Book a shipment online for greater convenience.

Step-guide on how to book customs after ocean booking

MyCustoms, your integrated customs booking and management hub, provides many convenient online solutions for simple, efficient and fast customs clearance.
Here’s how you can add customs after booking your ocean shipment:

  1. Go to MyCustoms : Log into the Maersk Logistics Hub and go to MyCustoms.
  2. Add customs to a shipment : In MyCustoms, you will see a list of your Maersk shipments. Click on See customs price for the shipment for which you want to add customs.
  3. Choose a customs clearance option : Select from the available options and click on Continue. Accept Terms & Conditions, and Confirm.

Book a shipment online for greater convenience.

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