Our participation at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2023 was a strategic move towards enhancing customer engagement, driving innovation, simplifying supply chain complexities, and showcasing our dedication to evolving the logistics landscape, particularly in North- East Asia. As the supply chain continues to evolve, Maersk stands ready to lead the charge, enabling businesses to navigate these changes seamlessly while focusing on growth, resilience, and efficiency.

We are thrilled to be part of Logis-Tech. We believe that through events like this, we have an opportunity to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in the logistics sector. We are excited to contribute our insights and experiences, as well as gain new perspectives from fellow participants.

Toru Nishiyama,  Managing Director of Maersk Northeast Asia
Toru Nishiyama
Managing Director of Maersk Northeast Asia
Maersk booth at Logistech Tokyo 2023
Our participation at the event also signifies a crucial step in strengthening connections with our valued customers. We seized this opportunity at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2023 to bridge the physical gap and engage directly with businesses. This personal connection aided in better understanding the intricate needs and challenges faced by our customers in the evolving supply chain landscape. It was an honour to lead discussions with our customers and industry experts on the critical topics shaping the future of logistics.

Innovation: The backbone of supply chain evolution

At the heart of our agenda lies a resounding message: innovation is paramount in propelling the supply chain industry forward. Demonstrating a plethora of state-of-the-art solutions, Maersk showcased the power of innovation in driving our integrated services. From Digital Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) to ECO Delivery and Emissions Dashboard, Maersk presented a robust suite of solutions designed to simplify the supply chain and enhance visibility, effectively advancing our customers’ businesses.

End-to-end solutions: Simplifying the complexity

Maersk booth at Logistech Tokyo 2023

At Maersk, we are not just a logistics company; we’re a dedicated partner committed to simplifying the complexities within our customers’ supply chains. The comprehensive suite of services displayed at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2023 encompassed everything from Supply Chain Management and Intermodal Transport to Customs Services, and Warehousing and Distribution. This full spectrum of offerings underscores Maersk's commitment to managing every facet of the supply chain, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for customers across all industries.

Dedication to revolutionising the supply chain

Our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the supply chain and addressing the evolving needs of our customers was reinforced by our extensive range of products and services, including Air Freight, Global Trade and Customs Consulting (GTCC), and Omnichannel Fulfilment. We remain committed to staying at the forefront of industry advancements to ensure alignment with our customers’ ever-changing requirements.

Innovation stands as the lifeblood of progress and success in the logistics industry, propelling it into new frontiers and transforming the way goods and services move across the globe. The evolution of this sector is intrinsically tied to innovation, driving efficiencies, sustainability, and overall growth.

Maersk's inaugural participation at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2023 aligns seamlessly with this ethos. This debut marked a significant stride towards embracing and showcasing innovative solutions that are instrumental in shaping the trajectory of logistics. Maersk's unwavering commitment to innovation was on display, illustrating how innovative technologies and forward-thinking strategies can drive transformative advancements within the industry.

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