Discover the crucial role of agility in navigating challenges in the region and supplying a competitive edge.

The post-pandemic world calls for robust supply chains that can overcome unforeseen disruptions. Apart from being resilient, supply chains need to be flexible enough to support diversification in the face of changing consumer preferences and fluctuating demand. Supply chain agility is key to unlocking business growth, especially in an e-commerce setting that is being gradually shaped by an omnichannel-specific outlook.

Studies have shown that 66% of global companies feel the need to further strengthen their supply chains to cater to the demands of the post-Covid world. Consequently, 57% of companies are planning to ramp up supply chain resilience by investing in measures that boost agility. This commitment to the cause of agility assumes greater significance because only 27% of companies believe their supply chains are agile enough to support evolving business models.*

Asia Pacific, with its unique geography and complex geopolitical climate, puts the spotlight squarely on agility. The logistical landscape of the region drives home the importance of agility in terms of on-time delivery, shorter lead time, lower cost and wastage, optimal demand-driven planning and more revenue.

An agile supply chain demands multimodal journeys, end-to-end visibility and innovative digital tools. In the latest blue paper, we shed light on how supply chain agility can help manufacturers make the most of the existing and new opportunities in the ever-changing post-pandemic market.

*Source – Capgemini report

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Here’s a preview of what this edition titled ‘Racing to Success: Unlocking the Full Potential of Supply Chains Through Agility in Asia Pacific’ offers:

  • The Modern Asia Pacific Supply Chain Demands Agility: Fast-changing consumer behaviour is catalysing the building of fast and free-flowing supply chains in Asia Pacific.
  • Agility is an Opportunity: Improved demand-driven planning that helps ensure on-time delivery is one of the many benefits of an agile supply chain.
  • Building Agility into the Supply Chain: Agility is a function of precise forecasting, end-to-end visibility, multimodal capabilities and an integrated approach.
  • Collaboration with an Integrated Logistics Partner: An effective yet simple way to leverage global logistics network and state-of-the-art technology that fosters agility.

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