In conversation with Ayesha Sasangi, Manager Shipping and Logistics at Cocogreen.

To address the ongoing supply chain disruptions in the post-covid era, Cocogreen was looking for a reliable, customer-centric logistics partner who ensures end-to-end visibility from origin to destination. With its customer service and easy, intuitive platform, Maersk Go became the natural choice for them.

A global leader in coir growing medium

With a focus on improving quality of life and protecting the planet, Cocogreen is a global leader in designing and manufacturing low-carbon, high-yield coir growth medium. Coir, or coconut fibre, is the fibrous material obtained from the husk of coconuts. Cocogreen engineers coir substrates for intensive cultivation of berries, salads and fruit trees. Their products are scientifically proven to increase the yield of fresh produce while improving its overall quality and taste.

For the last 10 years, Cocogreen substrates have enabled farmers to evolve from traditional field-grown farming, into technologically advanced methods of agriculture. The company ships from Sri Lanka primarily to the UK, Australia, South America, South Africa, Morocco and Portugal.

Cocogreen's mission is to ensure a positive impact across the local environment and communities where they operate, to help build a better future. The company also firmly believe in female empowerment – 70% of its factory employees are women from diverse age groups and backgrounds. It's the first company in Sri Lanka to achieve independent certifications in all areas of Social Responsibility since 2014. It’s also the first Sri Lanka-based company to achieve the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2018.

In need of reliability, visibility, and transparency

After working with other logistics partners, Cocogreen experienced challenges with schedule and space uncertainty. They also faced rising hidden costs and problems with container movement visibility, the consequences of which became clear when the company’s production was left behind without being dispatched.

We were not getting adequate space and had no clarity on the rates, which impacted our business and daily operations. Soon we started using Maersk Go for its superior customer service, ensuring timely delivery of our production which was not possible with our erstwhile logistics service provider.

Ayesha Sasangi
Manager Shipping and Logistics

Finding the right logistics provider

When Cocogreen was looking for an alternative logistics service provider, they were impressed by the services offered by Maersk Go, such as:

  • Intuitive platform and easy booking: A user-friendly platform where bookings can be done in just a few clicks without any hassle of logistics complexities.
  • Loading priority: An equipment and space prioritisation - no matter if you ship cargo on the ocean or with inland transportation.

Cocogreen’s preferred services include ocean freight, inland transportation at the origin, and export customs clearance. These integrated end-to-end container logistics services make their export process simpler and more convenient.

Ayesha Sasangi highlights: “In terms of the user interface, Maersk Go is a very easy to use platform for us to book, track and manage shipments. It has a wider array of features and options available for shippers to simplify their shipping process.”

The solution to save time and costs

By using Maersk Go's end-to-end container logistics services, Cocogreen now has increased visibility on their entire supply chain. The most positive experience was when Cocogreen could align their production to available route options on the platform. This increase in shipment turnaround time led to a faster cash flow, further helping the company ensure timely delivery to their customers.

Ayesha Sasangi also stresses that Maersk Go delivers what it promises. "Prioritisation of space, visibility along the supply chain and clarity on rates have been the hallmark features that differentiate Maersk Go from any other alternatives," she says.

With faster turnaround times and advanced production scheduling, Cocogreen could better meet their customers’ deadlines. The average waiting time for their finished goods went down from 10 days to 1.5 days. Booking and managing shipments have become extremely easy with dedicated customer support and high degrees of reliability with complete transparency and the booking flow.

We aspire to connect with the globe as we continue to ship with Maersk Go. We are very satisfied with the services and in the future, we look forward to also trying out customs clearance and inland transportation at the destination.” — Ayesha Sasangi, Manager Shipping and Logistics.

Ayesha Sasangi
Manager Shipping and Logistics

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