Visible Supply Chain Management – A Maersk Company rebranded to Maersk E-Commerce Logistics in line with global integrator strategy.

Florham Park, NJ – Visible SCM and its subsidiary brands will be rebranded to Maersk E-Commerce Logistics effective March 18, 2022.

In August 2021, Maersk announced the acquisition of Visible Supply Chain Management (Visible SCM) - a logistics company focused on parcel delivery and B2C Fulfillment services in the United States.

Since then, we have brought Visible’s B2C expertise together with Maersk’s products and services with the ambition of providing more connected logistics solutions for customers. The next and final step of this integration process is now taking place with the formal rebranding of Visible SCM’s products and services to Maersk, matching the experience and service we’ve integrated over the past seven months to be served under one brand.

Visible SCM branding, including its subsidiary brands PC Synergy* and TriCon, will officially retire March 18th and the nine fulfillment centers and various corporate offices across the region will physically rebrand their facilities to Maersk.

We feel proud to contribute to the strength of the Maersk brand in North America with our reputation for excellence in e-commerce. The Maersk name is built upon a century of service and trust, which are values at the heart of our efforts to serve customers since 1992.

Casey Adams
Head of E-Commerce Logistics for Maersk in North America

The team at Visible is vital to realizing Maersk’s vision for simplified and connected supply chains. Visible’s integration into Maersk represents yet another level of opportunity for customers to optimize their supply chains for competitive advantage on a global scale.

Narin Phol
Regional Managing Director of Maersk North America

The now integrated products and services under Maersk’s E-Commerce Logistics (ECL) portfolio will help customers maintain the fast-changing consumer buying patterns by offering E-Delivery and E-Fulfilment products that will provide end-to-end transparency and competitive access to a global network.

There are many benefits operating under one brand for E-Commerce Logistics products and services in North America. When asked about the rebranding of Visible SCM to Maersk and the transition for customers.

With the complete integration and development of Maersk ECL, we will extend our integrated logistics offering deeper into our customers’ supply chains under one brand which ultimately helps our customers associate Maersk with an end-to-end logistics experience from factory to sofa.

Charles van der Steene
Head of Sales & Marketing for North America
Starting March 18th, customers searching for products and services on the Visible SCM and TriCon websites will be redirected to the new ECL webpage.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Boyd
Tom Boyd
Media Relations Manager
+1 704 430 3442

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