As supply chain disruptions become more frequent in the coming days, ensuring an uninterrupted journey from farm to fork is critical for your fresh produce business to stay ahead. By reducing the number of handovers and ensuring equipment availability at all times, you may be able to check the ripening process, but to get the right value of your goods, your supply chain must be flexible to adapt quickly. Along with resilience, you need agility in your supply chain to identify new market opportunities and make the most out of uncertainties. As the world’s fresh produce community look towards innovative cold chain solutions that support extended shelf-life, data-driven visibility tools and remote monitoring solutions are changing the landscape of cold chain logistics towards more sustainable deliveries.

In this brochure, get an overview of our:

  • Latest innovations in cold chain treatments and visibility tools
  • Growing network of strategically positioned cold stores.
  • Multimodal cold chain offerings to help you reach your sustainability goals
  • End-to-end asset based cold chain solutions through a single point of contact

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