We would like to inform you about import invoices that frequently being asked or concerned.

  • Timeline
    • Invoice for Import to Indonesia will appear in MyFinance on ETA – 2.
  • Access
    • Both invoice party and Agent/EMKL will be able to download the invoice in MyFinance and directly pay using ePayment Indonesia
    • Agent/EMKL will only be able to see local charges. While for other type of invoices will need approval from invoice party first
    • How? Discover the repository of website guidance here
  • Invoice party
    • will be based on Payer Party that been setted up by Transport Document Receiver during Shipping Instruction (SI) submission
    • just in case you are unable to find the invoice, there are several possibilities. Could be incorrect payer party or customer code been setted up during SI submission, OR could be your username is linked under different customer code, OR could be other issue
    • How to check Payment term and Payment party? please check downloadable attachment

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