Maersk A/S strives to continuously make your shipping experience simple and seamless. Our website is an online platform that provides easier reference for all your outgoing or incoming shipments with us.

In line with this, we are introducing Paid to Release, an online solution in MyFinance, that would help manage and track your real-time payment status.

Starting December 1, 2021, all FREIGHT Payments should be submitted through Paid to Release (P2R) via MyFinance. This solution aims to simplify and improve your payment application process thereby offering an easier, faster and accurate invoice management experience to you.

How will this benefit me?

  • Easier payment process
  • Direct website transaction, from payment to requesting your Delivery Order
  • Payment status notification will be sent directly to your email
  • Real-time status of your payment submission

How can I access Paid To Release?

  • Log in through our website
  • Go to MyFinance > See More > 3rd party invoice search

Guidelines of submission is illustrated on the attached user guide.

Click on "Submit a Payment Remittance or Payment Proof" at the table of contents to get you started.

We thank you for your ongoing and valuable support.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk A/S Customer Service Representative through the following channels:
Main Number +63 282313126 / Toll Free Number +180011102911

Export concerns:
Import concerns:

Anything you need, we’re here to help


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