The Christmas holidays is approaching and in connection with this, we will see reduced productivity in certain ports. Aiming to give you as early advice as possible when we see potential risks to your supply chain, we have identified that Hamburg terminal will be unable to accommodate the AE7 discharge call due to the upcoming seasonal holiday plan and expected terminal closure. Maersk endeavors to minimize the schedule delays by omitting Hamburg with an inducement call in Rotterdam on the AE7 Monaco Maersk 143W/148E.

Considering the options at hand, we believe this course of action to be the preferred when aiming to minimize the impact to your business by securing alternative routings. The specific sailings departing from origin are as per follows:

AE7 Vessel omitting Hamburg

Week Service Vessel Voyage First Load Port Ningbo ETD
Monaco Maersk
First Load Port
Ningbo ETD

For you to be able to follow your cargo throughout the Christmas period, please note that you can use our interactive map functionality to track any Maersk vessel in real time and gain access to AI-powered predictive analysis and estimated times of arrival (ETA) via our Hub. Click here to login to the Hub.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future. In case of any questions, please contact your local customer service or sales representatives.

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