Seeking opportunities behind contingencies has never been easy. Try adopting such mindset in logistics and supply chain management during a long-lasting pandemic… You get the point.

If you are looking for a prompt solution to strengthen and optimise your processes, you might want to read this brief article and discover what Maersk can help you with to keep up with the latest industry’s challenges and master your business.

The ultimate list of Do’s and Don’ts in logistics

If the past year and half has proven us something, is that in business – as in life - there is no universal solution against global disruptions such as the ones caused by the pandemic and some recent seasonal threats. Business owners, freight forwarders, suppliers, consumers – we are all facing the same challenges.

While there is no ultimate list of Do’s and Don’ts, when it comes to logistics and supply chain management Maersk can provide you with key insights, agile processes, and logistics solutions that will make your job easier, and strengthen the partnership with your most valuable customers.

Here are 3 tips for you:

#1: Embrace change and plan your logistics ahead

This is indeed the first, most important suggestion we feel like giving you – and we cannot stress it enough. If you are already subscribed to our monthly market updates, you know it.

Being a logistics expert yourself, you probably already learned this a while ago: planning your bookings ahead pays well in the long run.

An example? As local forwarder, if you already had a chance to ship your cargo with Maersk Spot, you already accessed Maersk’s best logistics solutions and its local expertise. Market insights, local updates, regional forecasts: we aim to provide you with as much relevant information as possible.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then we urge you to book online Today to unlock all its potentials. This way you will be granting yourself and your customers’ cargo a smooth journey - from port of departure to port of arrival or depot of preference.

Another easy way to keep yourself updated on our market insights and local news is by visiting our new Local Forwarders page.

#2: Opt for an agile environment and a smooth supply chain

Your business needs and preferences should always come first, as well as your ability to adjust to different contexts, trust agile processes, and timely meet your customers’ needs.

Nowadays you can optimise your supply chain and stay ahead of your competitors while using Maersk local forwarders’ ad-hoc solutions – wherever you are, whenever you need.

Our most performing solutions for local forwarders

What works best for your customers and how can you support them daily? While the answer is not universal, as it varies from case to case, we thought of sharing with you a list of best performing solutions that we have at your disposal:

  • One booking, multiple combinations: add Inland & Ocean transportation in one booking with Maersk Spot and make global shipping hassle-free with this perfect combo 
  • Access fixed prices upfront and avoid unforeseen charges: scroll through your options before booking and choose the one that works best for your case
  • Opt for Maersk Rollable option: if your cargo is non-time sensitive you can get compensated in case of a rollover .
  • Extend your free time and save up to 80%: you can now buy additional free time upfront as part of you booking, everywhere you are 

Choose Maersk Spot as your one partner and immediately simplify your processes and save time.

Do you wish to know more about the benefits of Maersk Spot for local forwarders? Read our dedicated Guide here. Otherwise, click below and get redirected to the Booking page.

#3: Fear no seasonal peaks and anticipate customers’ needs

There is no better feeling than knowing your business and logistics are season-peaks’ ready.

Let’s take as an example the Chinese Golden Week: every year, for seven days straight, shipments to and from China are put on hold or temporarily delayed. Being Golden Week one of China’s most important periods of the year and one of the busiest weeks for tourism in the country, every Autumn it automatically impacts logistics and supply chain - significantly increasing the level of disruptions and local demand on containers.

You can avoid being affected by these special events by choosing to partner with Maersk and to have full overview of your customers’ cargo’s journey. Also, granting yourself complete transparency while planning your shipments accordingly.

When seeking straightforwardness over your end-to-end shipments, one great solution that you can find at and rely on full time, is Maersk Customs Visibility Portal.

Reduce unpredictability with Maersk’s Visibility Portal

With Maersk Customs Visibility Portal you access real-time cargo clearance status, inbound & outbound customs entries overview for all relevant countries and customs duty payments status online. Thanks to instant notifications on your preferred mobile device, you can sit back and relax, and fear no sudden exceptions. Ultimately, you can rely on Maersk online support chat 24/7 and speak to our Customer Experience team directly from the palm of your hand.

At Maersk we are here to support you all the way throughout your journey.

Are you ready to plan your next shipment? We look forward to having your onboard!

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